Enjoy Superior Correctional Services With The Keefe Group

Customers have the option of superior inmate calling features with the Keefe Group which will cost them less than competitor prices. Being a member of the American Correctional Association gives them credibility with their customers and offers them the highest standard in inmate packaging and services. You can get name brand food products and products with ingredients for all skin types. Enjoy premium calling options with your loved ones in a correctional facility. Family’s of the ones locked in a correctional facility have complained about the rising costs of inmate calls. The Keefe Group provides a reliable solution to inmate calls for a fraction of the cost of their competitors.

The Keefe Group provides services unmatched by other big names including services that eliminate the need for third party authorization and more. You can speak to a friendly customer service professional for more details on services and products. They will give you the option of ordering many services discreetly over the phone or give you access to their official website. You never have to leave home and this features is a favorite among out-of-state and disable residents. Customers must be legal adults over the age of eighteen and have a valid checking or debit card to order services and products.

Keefe Group Products & Services

Inmate Voicemail

Enjoy the inmate voicemail feature which allows inmates inmates to receive and retrieve messages. They receive an inmate access code that allows them to check their messages. You can call them at anytime and tell them about the progress of other loved ones. Inmates have said, this feature makes them feel independent and helps them prepare for a life outside of the correctional facility.

Remote Visitation

If you’re disabled, you can visit the ones you love over the internet for a one time processing fee, each time you remotely visit your love ones in a correctional facility. You must have access to the internet and a compatible device to download their application.


The Telmate Solution to Changing Communication

Telmate is a company that has been able to totally change the way that people stay in contact with their family members that are locked away. This has become such a powerful company for anyone that may be looking for a better way to stay connected on their mobile devices and there computers.


Telmate provides people with a much safer way to conduct video visitations. A visit can be scheduled through a kiosk or an account can be funded online so that people can make their visits through their tablets or smartphones.


The great thing about this Telmate platform is that it gives more people that are incarcerated hope. It is definitely going to be a hard road for anyone that is incarcerated to go through this process alone. That is why family members need to utilize the Telmate technology to stay in touch with their family or friends that are locked away.


The great thing about this type of concept is that people can actually schedule a visit online. They do not have to worry about calling a prison during prison admin office hours about trying to find out about visitation times.


Telmate is definitely a company that provides great video visitation services, but this is only a fraction of what this company is able to do. Telmate also has the mission of providing online education and legal resources to inmates. This company gives inmates the tools to be self-reliant, and it even helps investigators with verification tools that can cut down on criminal activity inside of the prison. Telnet has a lot of different ways to provide services to a number of people that are connected to the prison system.


Telmate has been able to provide a number of services to inmates, family members of inmates, correctional officers and investigators that are part of the prison structure. There definitely is a lot of interest in what Telmate provides because it makes everything so much more convenient. Telmate has the ability to improve upon operations inside of the prison system at different levels in a plethora of different ways.

Telmate Powers Getting-Out Video Visit Platform

Telmate has become a great company for the Department of Corrections. This has become one of the best companies for people that are interested in engaging in video visitation with inmates. This has become one of the best ways to keep the family connection strong even if you are nowhere near the prison. There are some people that still go for a video visitation, but now that smart technology has evolved so much it makes no sense for anyone to visit a prison if they can utilize Telmate to connect with their family or friends.


What Telmate does is power a software platform called Getting-Out. This is the platform that allows the family members and friends of inmates to stay connected through a video platform. This is really a great way for people to stay connected because all that they have to do is set up an account and deposit money to it. In the past people would need vehicles to transport them to a prison so they could visit at the facility. It is true that they can still go to the prison for a visit, but now they have a chance to engage in a video visit station in a lobby.


The family members that are coming to visit will sit in the lobby while their incarcerated family member that they are visiting will be able to utilize a tablet to connect on the other end.


People that are utilizing this Telmate platform can also do this from their computer at home. All that they would need is a computer and a webcam that has a microphone. From this point they can download a browser like Firefox 7 or higher and get the necessary additional software like Adobe Flash to get started. High internet speed services will also be needed to engage in meetings such as this.


This is a great concept because it reduces a lot of chaos inside of the prison system. People can even conduct these type of visits through the getting out platform with their mobile devices. It certainly is a convenient communication method.


Global Tel-Link Is Only Part of The Problem

Already, the hassle of something going wrong, being arrested, going to court and being imprisoned can be a hugely tiring and traumatizing experience for inmates. However, it is also a very traumatizing and tiring experience for the loved ones of imprisoned people. It couldn’t get any more worse than that, right? Wrong! To make matters worst, people are barred from calling their imprisoned loved ones unless they agree to pay outrageous phone bills for not enough time. People who have not gone through the experience of being imprisoned or having a close loved one who is imprisoned may not understand this problem or may not think that it is of high priority. Another reason why people may not consider this to be a high priority problem is because of the fact that a negative stigma surrounds people who are imprisoned, as well as their families. People who are imprisoned are thought to “deserve” anything negative that comes their way. Any suffering that their families feel may be lightly shrugged off as being rightful consequences, or perhaps the faults of the inmates. Also, relatives of inmates may be stigmatized as being “trashy” and undeserving. In reality, they are just innocent individuals who happen to know people close to them who are imprisoned.

Global Tel-Link is a company that relies on these negative stigmas that the general population believes in order to price gouge the enlightened ones who have imprisoned relatives or friends. They provide expensive phone service for prisons and jails so that people can call their imprisoned loved ones. There can be a whole, legitimate argument written to demonize Global Tel-Link. However, Global Tel-Link is only part of the problem. Jails and prisons are the ones who choose phone companies. They choose based off of which company they can squeeze the most kickbacks from. This encourages phone companies to put the most price gouging, unethical practices in place.

Read more: http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/global-tel-link-gtl-issues-inaccurate-press-release–securus-corrects-inaccuracies-300264749.html

IC Solutions: This Must Be What Hell Feels Like

In life, there are always people that you just can’t get through to and you can’t reach for whatever reason. No matter how hard you try or how much effort you put into it, it gets you nowhere. It is tiresome and exhausting on some many levels. These are toxic relationships, as someone can speak until they are blue in the face, and they are not likely to get anywhere in life. They will keep banging their head against the wall, so to speak, and they end up empty with no results. That is what it is like dealing with IC Solutions, a communications provider/service for inmates.On Pissed Consumer , they are rated 1.4 out of 5 based on 62 reviews. That is a pretty poor rating, but people need to look past the rating and they need to look at what is being said about the company. That is where the truth can sometimes get overlooked.

People are talking about the frustrating experience they are having with IC Solutions in terms of price and customer service. They are on the fast track to nowhere when they have paid to speak to the inmate. This is not all that difficult, really, but when money gets involved, nothing is easy with any company.The thing that is most troubling is that the inmates are behind bars with no support and no love. Yes, I’m well aware they have committed a crime and they did not just bump into jail. I’m also well aware that not every person there is this vile human being that IC Solutions would like to have you believe they are. These are people that have made a mistake. They are taking responsibility for that and serving their time. Now, all they need is some support and belief while behind bars, but IC Solutions does not want any part of that.

You can also visit their official Website : https://www.icsolutions.com/

Telmate Inmate Telephone Services

Telmate is a leader in providing inmate communication services with a central vision of creating innovative technologies that reduce recidivism and increase secure connections between family and inmates. Recent studies have shown that the more an inmate is in communication with the outside world the higher the chances of reform. Telmate strives to make communication among these parties convenient, affordable and positive.


When we make it harder for incarcerated people to stay in touch with their family members, friends and the community as a whole brings more harm than good. Affordable phone calls are directly related to the safety of the community. This has been endorsed by various associations and the Congress.


Telmate technology is located in San Francisco, California. They have 24-hour call Centre in Ontario and a vast staff base in Canada and US. Telmate provides inmate entertainment, messaging, photo sharing, video visits, video visits and phone calls in more than 200 centers in Canada. It facilitates over 20 million data requests. Telmate investigator inquiries recordings and downloads. Telmate is a leader in installed secure inmate wireless gadgets.


Not only are they a profit making company but they are also charitable in programs such as Telmate Heroes, Telmate Heroes, and Telmate Cares. It has worked very side by side with Girls and Boys Club of Western Valley and was also fortunate enough to serve as a badge of Honor Partner at the National LAW Enforcement Offices.


Telmate is a combination of 10 successful reliable and innovative technologies that strive to control and secure efficient communication in inmate facilities. They are committed to honoring and supporting those at the forefront in law enforcement and correction. Their responsibility is to ensure that inmates get out of prison and stay out of prison. Their customers have options on how to perform various activities. They aim to deliver to customers by moving quickly to customer feedback and decisions that will affect them in the future. Their growth has been through close relationships with their customers, who are the best example that what Telmate is doing is working. Telmate looks forward to better serving its clients.


The Keefe Group Has an Unintentional Lesson About Food

I’ve started being a lot more careful with my meals. There’s so many news stories stressing the physical and psychological importance of nutrition that it seemed time to makes some changes for the better. However, this is also why I was shocked to read a prisoner’s first hand accounts of his diet. Part of why I’m so careful with my diet these days is due to a strong drive to become the best person I can be. In theory at least, that’s what the penal system is trying to do with prisoners as well. I’d always just assumed that prison food would be chosen based on the latest scientific research. Know more about Keefe Group on kununu.com

The prisoner instead put emphasis on a private company by the name of the Keefe Group. That seemed rather odd to me. After all, prisons are a government funded system. It seems strange that a private company would even be involved with selling anything to prisoners. Let alone selling food to them.

What’s even more worrisome is that the food sold by the Keefe Group is the kind of thing that they’re going to look forward to all day. Anyone who’s been in a hospital knows how desperate people get for real food after a while. The bland hospital fare is actually a step up from the lack of taste found in most prison food. Prison food is healthy, but also made to minimize any risk of medical complication. Basically anything with even a slight chance of provoking allergic reactions, aggravating ulcers or conflicting with dietary restrictions won’t make it to the prison cafeteria. There’s an underlying assumption that private companies like the Keefe Group will pick up the slack as far as actual taste goes. Read more news on Tampa Bay Times

The Keefe Group, in turn, has seized on the perfect opportunity to grab a captive market. They’ve realized that they can sell almost anything with a bit of taste to it at outrageous prices. Typical prison contracts allow for exclusivity in service. As such, the Keefe Group never has to worry about anyone else selling higher quality food at competitive prices. The end result is that prisoners become desperate to give everything they have to the Keefe Group. The Keefe Group, in turn, provides prisoners with a stream of tasty but usually quite unhealthy food.

The worst part of this situation is that it might well interfere with rehabilitation. Prisoners need proper meals if they’re going to focus on becoming better citizens. If finding candy bars is their main concern then they’re not going to be prepared for the outside world. I’d hope that prisons could be a bit more firm with minimal standards for the Keefe Group’s pricing and nutritional profiles.

Learn more: http://www.prisoncensorship.info/article/fight-keefe-food-group-corruption/


Keefe Group Handles Inmate Communication

A lot goes into communicating with someone who is being held in a correctional facility. There are many different ways to reach out to these individuals. However, the activities must be closely managed due to the unique circumstances. Keefe Group is able to provide correctional facilities with a format that relieves the pressure of managing inmate communication. Modern forms of technology are available to help prison staff control the volume of messages, as well as the type of content that is being sent back and forth. Software is available to track the type of communication habits that detainees will develop over time.Learn more about Keefe Group on STL Today

Mail is a comfortable form of communication for those who are separated by distance and other obstacles. Keefe Group has a secure mail operating system. It filters the information that is being received in order to identify key words and phrases for the safety of everyone in the facility. After approval the content is downloaded and sent through the inmate kiosk. There is no charge for this service. The hardware is provided as well as the software and technological support.

A secure mailing system reduces the risk of contraband entering the facility. The Keefe Group messaging system is also able to translate mail from Spanish to English. Facilities who choose to use this service can attach a fee for the inmates and their contacts on the outside. The extra revenue provides funding for correctional facilities to perform other critical duties that go with managing a volatile situation.

Messages are saved at all times in order to assist with future investigations that may be necessary. It is important for prison facilities to maintain a sharp awareness of how detainees are using their communication privileges. Read more on tampabay.com about Keefe Group.

The Enforcer system allows for vocal communication. It is browser-based, which means that it can receive calls online. It provides supreme information tracking ability. This helps with huge investigations that are derived from communication activity. The system supports collect calls, debit prepaid calls and payment plan options. This is like giving a verification code, which assist with the authentication process. There is 24 hour technical support available for clients who have serious questions about the nature the operation.

Visit: https://www.kununu.com/us/keefe-group

IC Solutions: Are You Surprised?

IC Solutions is an inmate communications provider, which is something that not a lot of people are familiar with in the first place. First and foremost, that is OK, as I was not familiar with this process either. It is a inmate communications provider, as mentioned, which allows inmates to speak to family and friends over the telephone for a price. Since someone is in prison, it is not exactly like they can pay for the phone call or do anything in this regard. Because of this, they need help from their family and friends. The family and friends pay for the phone call and after they have paid, they are allowed to speak to the inmate. On the surface, it sounds cut and dry.However, IC Solutions as noted by many people on Pissed Consumer is not making things cut and dry. They are making them very, very complicated. That is because they know they have the customers right where they want them, and they love that fact.

That is something that brings them great joy and great happiness. They love to be in a position of power. When they are in a position of power, they hold all of the cards.The price of the phone call is something that people have taken umbrage with and I can’t blame them. There is no need to charge this high of a price. They look at it as supply and demand. If you want to speak to an inmate, pay this price. They are not in the mood for customer service or making the customer happy. That is very, very low on their list of priorities. It shows how far gone they are and all of the many things wrong with this company, which is quite a laundry list. It is depressing to read and hear about it, but people deserve to know.


Serious Online Complaints Have Been Made Against Telmate

Telmate is one of the major providers in the field of phone services for inmates located in the United States. There have been a lot of online posts regarding the services they provide and many of them have been extremely negative. One gentleman in particular feels they need to properly train their staff and is extremely dissatisfied with their services.


Apparently the problem began when he was unable to make a deposit on his sons account because it had been flagged. This was due to an individual using a card that had not been approved. Although he understood the necessity of taking care of the situation he can’t understand why everyone’s credit and debit cards are being blocked from adding funds to the account. After he called Telmate and spoke to a supervisor he was even more confused. He felt he was not given an accurate explanation and that the supervisor was reading from a book instead of answering his questions.


The gentleman is extremely frustrated and can’t understand the necessity of blocking the account and preventing anyone from making a deposit because of one card. Unfortunately his only other option is to use Telmate’s kiosk machine but state the machine is always broken. He is afraid to try a money gram to send money to Telmate due to the block on his sons account. Telmate is the only company who provides service in his area and is adamant that they need to change their current policies and provide better training for their employees.


Another dissatisfied customer filed a complaint for a loss of $34.20. They had used the services of Telmate to make a deposit in a commissary account at the Kootenai Jail. Although Telmate did take the funds out of the individuals bank account the money was never posted to the account of the inmate. The online post claimed Telmate is taking no accountability for the problem. The customer was referred to a number at the Kootenai County jail and although they have called the number numerous times the phone is never answered. The customer feels their deposit and service fee have both been stolen and unless they obtain legal representation they will not be able to get their money back.