Prisoners Are Money. Keefe: $40.4 million, G T Enterprises: $3.2 million

There many reasons why we keep wondering how Keefe Food Group has sustained its business for all this time. We fail to ask ourselves how our brothers and sisters in prison are faring on. We need to think about ways in which we can make the prisons a better corrections place. Keefe Food Group is one of the most corrupt companies in the United States. As a matter of fact, the company bribes to prison officials to keep obtaining contracts to serve the inmates. Therefore, all these charges are directed back to the prisoners due to the expensive essential commodities. For this reason, prisons have become money havens for thriving companies line Keefe Group.

According to the prison records from Kingfish1935, Keefe Food Group made more than $40 million in one year from serving prisoners. For this reason, we are meant to think that business in prison is so efficient that everyone will be attracted to work with them. As a matter of fact, we need to understand that the company pays bribes to prison officials to operate in the prisons. For this reason, they engage in increasing the prices so as to cater for their kickbacks to prison staff and other state departments.

Keefe Food Group began their contract in the past few years. Since 2008, their contract has been renewed several times. As a matter of fact says STL Today, there are many other companies which can work for prisons to supply food stuff and other personal commodities but never get the chance to work. For this reason, we can deduct the reason why they fail to receive these contracts even when they are qualified. Prisons are havens for corruption. However, we are appealing to the government to increase their watch on prison state officials to demand respect.

In the prison setup, Keefe Food Group Company is responsible for the following services.

  • They have the exclusive rights to sell all songs in jail setups. Each song costs $1.70. For every song sold, the company gives $0.10 to the prisons.
  • The company also has the exclusive rights to sell music players to inmates. Each player costs $115. For every layer sold, only $15 is given to prison staff.


Global Tel-Link Suffers Bad Press

Global Tel-Link (GTL) delivers inmate communications systems in the correctional facilities industry. GTL has been providing services for years. GTL has found itself submerged in a tremendous amount of bad publicity. Bloomberg reports have revealed the company has been linked to more than a few controversies.

Those with no experience with being incarcerated do not realize inmates must sign up with communications companies to make phone calls. Two of the biggest names in the inmate communications industry are GTL and Securus Technologies.

The two companies are involved in a legal dispute over patent claims. Securus Technologies has even publicly accused GTL of a “smear campaign“. Securus Technologies took the unprecedented step of publishing a press release designed to cast light on inaccuracies related to GTL’s statements over the patent dispute. The public disagreements between the two companies are sure to remain in the news for some time to come.

GTL has had to deal with bad additional bad publicity due to news reports over the rates it charges for inmate phone calls. The word “outrageous” was even used to describe the fees charged by the company.

Global Tel-Link has a lot of work to do to overcome the branding damage experienced due to all these YouTube videos, news reports and editorials. The damage may not even be fixable.

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The Keefe Group Cares About Inmate Hygiene

There are many companies that aim to get their products into prisons in order to sell them to inmates. Most of these products are food products, but many other products, like shampoo and soap, make up a great portion of products sold in jail. The problem is that these products are five-times more expensive than they’re supposed to be, so most inmates are unable to purchase them. For this reason, the Keefe Group exists.

The Keefe Group is a supplier of many different products. These are both edible and hygiene products. However, the Keefe Group is designed to sell their products solely to prison inmates. Keefe Group products are also cheaper than products from any other company. In fact, if an inmate can prove that another company is selling a similar product for a lower price, Keefe will give the inmate a month supply of the product in question for free; to this point, this has never happened.

According to, another great thing about the hygiene products sold by the Keefe Group is that all of their products are made from natural elements. This includes their shampoo, soap, and more. The products sold by Keefe cannot be sold anywhere else. They cannot even be ordered by anyone except an inmate. After the first order, inmates are given discounts with every additional order.

The Keefe Group does not have an assembly line going like a traditional company. The Keefe Group has health specialists working around the clock on all their hygiene products. These health specialists make sure that all the ingredients in the hygiene products are made from natural elements. Products that come out to be 95% natural get tossed in the garbage. Every single product must be 100% natural, and every single product is given special attention to by a health specialist.

The Keefe Group is developing more hygiene products to be sold in the near future. These products include items like gel, toothbrushes, deodorant, and so much more. As usual, all of these products will derive from natural elements, and they will be cheaper than all similar product on the present prison market.


Can FCC Really Succeed In Capping The Rates?

It has been a journey that has seen far better days for the inmate communication industry. The bone of contention is always the inmate calls. While providers justify high call rates, the customer is not in a position to keep up with the rising costs. Even in an unrestricted environment, most Americans are unable to afford some vital services like social security, insurance, and education. When the calls to inmates continue to grow to unprecedented levels, the FCC seems to be fighting a losing battle.


After the initial vote to place caps on interstate and intrastate calls, the FCC hoped to put an end to what it sees as exploitation of inmate families. However, this vote was not smooth since the commissioners always split in the middle. This time round, the vote of 3:2 is not convincing. That is why the providers went to court to prevent the caps from being effective.


According to Morning Consult, cases, including the 13-year-old case are the nature of the current impasse at the FCC. While calls could potentially cost north of $1 a minute, there is no incentive to go below. Providers feel that unless FCC factored in expenses of running communication services, there is no way they can set the caps.


The effort to cap is noble, but it faces significant challenges to implement. Firs, the caps would have seen families pay half what they were paying before the cap. Interstates calls form the bulk of most inmate calls, a 40% deduction would have gone a long way in ensuring that families spoke to prisoners as often as possible. However, the prison communication providers see lost revenues.


There is discontent among commissioners, who represent various stakeholders. Across the political divide, there is no consensus on the applicability, sustainability or the legality of the caps going forward. In the meantime, the legal injunction is still in effect, and the providers seem to be on a holiday. Calls are going up. Though most supporters of the cap are expecting the current understanding legally sound, there is still room for further delays through the courts.


The Keefe Group Has Lead The Correctional Market For Decades

The Keefe Group has been involved with the correctional market for more than 4 decades now, becoming a leader in the industry through their size and methods. When they first started up back in 1975, they were a tiny company which could only provide a small number of goods to a small number of facilities. STL Today says they can supplies nearly any facilities in the country with the large number of offices and distribution centers, no matter how large or remote the facility is. They even offer same day and free shipping on this delivery. One of the most valued services however, is simply communication. This is because there are a large number of inmates that wish to be able to communicate with their friends and family on the outside, and the Keefe Group has made this possible, which actually goes a long way in improving prison standards, and making the staff lives easier.

Since their humble beginnings in Missouri, the Keefe Group has been able to expand greatly, and this is largely due to their networking with several other companies, which include IC Solutions, Access Corrections, Access Securepak, The Keefe Supply Company, The Keefe Commissary Network, and Advanced Technologies. These companies collaborate and combine their individual services to provide a complete package to correctional facilities all over the country. This, along with the companies strict guidelines and screening processes for their employees, they always ensure a stable and secure environment when working in a facilities with inmates.

The Keefe Group’s reach today is among the best in the industry, and they can even offer free, same day shipping to their customers around the country, along with disaster recovery for any mishaps or accidents with delivery’s. The Keefe Group is always functioning with the highest level of professionalism, as it is required for maintaining good relations and peace when working with correctional facilities and inmates. In the future, as the Keefe Group builds its collaboration with other corporations and expands their reach, they may supply correctional facilities worldwide. Read more about the company on


Since 1975 The Keefe Group Has Been Making Innovations In The Correctional Market

Since back in 1975, when the Keefe Group first opened for business, they have been expanding on their services and their size as a company. As such, today they have business locations spread out across several states in the United States, along with many centers for distribution their goods and services from. They offer a great many different products for their clients, including services for communication, banking, payments, voicemail, and more. They also offer a large variety of different goods for correctional facilities, such as different foods and clothing. When it comes to the correctional market though, communication is typically their most sought after service today.

The Keefe Group is a big corporation by STL Today‘s standards, and that is largely due to the fact that it is a multi-company corporation, in that several different businesses are collaborating to form the Keefe Group, such as Access Corrections, Advanced Technologies, IC Solutions, and more. These companies provide the leading services for the correctional market together, but individually they simply focus on individual aspects of the industry, so they can produce a better and more precise product.

With decades of knowledge and expertise in the industry, Prison Censorship website says the Keefe Group has secured their position as a leader in the market today, and they have continued plans for expansion as well. Thanks to their many innovations and standard changes to the industry over the years, they have made a big reputation for themselves as a group and for the individual companies. As technology continues to develop in the future, so too will the Keefe Group’s systems and software’s, which are what enable them to do so much in the correctional industry today. Without their KeepTrack system, they wouldn’t be able to monitor and keep track of all of their clients information at facilities around the country. For more precise details on the Keefe Group and what they have to offer.


IC Solutions: Look No Further Than The Photo

There are a lot of liars in the world. People lie for various reasons. They lie to get out of things and they lie just because they can. Some people lie because they want to rip people off and they want to get something out of them. These are known as manipulators. In fact, it is a game for them. They want to see how much they can get out of people and the various ways they can get it. One company that has made its living that way is IC Solutions, the jail phone services provider. They are known for lying to their customers, left and right. The reason they do it is because they love money.

However, their love of money has gotten out of hand and it has reached a stage where it is a little bit too much. Let me rephrase that: it is way too much. In case someone needed to know more about them, all they have to do is read this link: There is a photograph which shows how IC Solutions ripped off a customer. They charged them twice and they were still unable to speak to the inmate. How is this right? How is this legal? These are all serious questions I have and I wish somebody would come out and answer them.

IC Solutions, though, is known for hiding. They love to hide and they love to shy away from questions. If they would have to answer the questions that are presented to them, chances are that people would not like the answers. There is simply no way to defend what they are doing. They are also known for dropped calls and when there is a dropped call, it is nearly impossible to get a second chance at talking to that person right away. To learn more about the company and their services, visit their website at


Correctional Facilities Call On The Keefe Group For Professional And Reliable Services

Even the most hardened inmate can still find it difficult to handle the solitude and time away from family and loved ones. There are many inmates today that have partners or children that they are unable to see on the outside, which is why communication services have long been sought after. The Keefe Group happens to be one of the leading suppliers of communication services in the business, on top of being the top provider of goods and services overall in the correctional market today. The According to STL Today, Keefe Group has been in the industry for decades, and today they have business locations spread out through several different states, and they have several more distribution centers spread out as well to handle their large workload.

The company originally began in 1975 as the Keefe Supply company, though they didn’t have much to offer back then, especially with the lack of modern technology. Today is a different story, as the leading supplier to correctional institutes around the country, the Keefe Group can supply nearly anything their clients need, and everything comes in safe packaging and containers as well. This includes things such as electronics, food, clothes, personal care products, and more. The communication they offer is not only sought after, but it helps both inmates and staff at correctional facilities by easing the minds of one, and lessening the workload for another. The less physical visitations their are, the less guards need to physically oversee visits. has revealed that for decades, the Keefe Group has been using their Enforcer and KeepTrack systems to take care of all of their business with correctional institutes and maintain all the information they hold for their clients. This is how they can keep track of inmates banking, payments, money management, voicemail’s, and much more. Some of their products today are even offered online to normal citizens due to how popular they have become in the prisons, which includes their famous potato chips.



Communicating Through the Keefe Group

The Keefe group has been one of the leaders and inmate communication for quite some time now. I have been using the Keith group for a while and I’m thrilled with the results that have come from it. Because of the fact that my husband was put into prison several months ago, it has been more than a little difficult for me and my family to be able to keep in touch with him regularly. This is why I have been looking into different types of options that we can all use in order to make our lives a lot easier and more worthwhile when communicating with each other. This is when I discovered the Keefe group and started using it each and every day to video message my husband in prison.

According to STL Today Business, the Keefe group has easily been one of the best companies I have used for the specific purpose and it is why I continually recommend it to people all over the country. There is nothing better than knowing that you are using something that is allowing you to feel confident in your communication with your loved one who you simply cannot see regularly because they are behind bars. The Keefe group makes it incredibly easy for you to take away all of the problems that you want space with communication in the prison system and what you are being able to do. It is definitely a company that you might want to look into using for yourself because of the benefits that come from it.

My own experience using the Keefe group has been nothing but amazing and this is why I have recommended it to so many individuals in my own situation. I learned from prisoncensorship website how difficult it can be to have a loved one or spouse in the prison system and not know how to keep in touch with them, so this company can easily take the burden off of your own shoulders and allow you to feel connected to that person once again. It is also very easy for you to get to use because it has no learning curve to it.

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Keefe Group System


IC Solutions: Trouble From The Start

The minute someone gets set up with IC Solutions, they are in trouble. It starts off bad and it only gets worse. They are an inmate communications provider ( and they allow inmates to speak to their loved ones that are in prison. However, the thing about IC Solutions is they don’t offer any true help. One of the many problems people have with them is their fees. As someone that used to work in customer service, I’m well aware that fees can be taken off and they are not entirely necessary. If someone is a repeat offender, the fees are valid and they need to be paid. However, if someone is being charged just for the sake of being charged, that is an issue.

High prices are also something that can easily be avoided all together, but again, IC Solutions has the market cornered on this sort of thing, so they feel they can charge whatever prices they see fit and the people have to pay them. If they wish to speak to their loved one that is in prison, this is the cost they have to pay. That is why the reviews are so negative on the following website:

People have seen and had enough with IC Solutions, especially their customer service. They know they are dealing with a company that is shady and underhanded. That is why they are going on these links and websites to let people know about it. They don’t want anyone to get ripped off like they got ripped off. They want to let them know that IC Solutions is trouble from the get-go and if someone can avoid using them, they will be better off in the long run. However, there are not many choices out there, which is what makes it all the more difficult in the long run. Visit their website