The Keefe Group Has Majorly Raised The Standards Of Correctional Facilities

The Keefe Group is corporation that stands at the forefront of the correctional market and serves correctional facilities all over the country today. They offer a range of different goods and services to their clients, this includes food products, clothes, technology, music, and one of the most important, communication. When the Keefe company first started out, they didn’t have much to offer and they couldn’t offer it to very many clients, but after more than 4 decades in the industry, they have a huge number of things that they offer. Most inmates find the communication they offer the most important, as it allows them to stay in touch with family and friends outside more easily.

Over time, as the Keefe Group ( has upgraded their services and technology, they have made the process for communication and inmates contacting their families much easier, which is a huge help for staffing and officers at facilities. There is much less compromise on security and things have become more self sufficient for inmates.

The Keefe Group has special software systems in place today that allows them to stay in control and manage all of the information from correctional institutions all across the United States. They can operate with correctional facilities no matter how remote or how large in scale they are, due to their distributions centers across the country. They can even manage payments and banking for their clients today.

The Keefe Group has made many friends over the decades of their service, and they have received the appreciation of many happy clients all over the country. Today, they are recognized as a leader in the correctional market with the highest volume of products and services available. Not only this, but they also do work outside of correction facilities, which is focused on working in the community to make the world a better place for everyone. They’ve done so by working with organizations such as the United Way and Big Brother Big Sisters. Read more on


Keefe Group Keeps Communication Strong

I believe that everyone, at some point and time, will find themselves with a friend or relative that is locked away. The line is the sand is often drawn at this point. People that are on the outside have to ask themselves if they will be dedicated to visiting this person or if they will simply wait for the collect phone call. All of this depends on how close you may be to the friend. Sometimes the bond may require a physical visit, but there are a lot of people that are just refusing to get involved in the prison visit. They would much rather visit through their phone apps. This is exactly what Keefe Group has prepared for. This is a tech company that has managed to turn the concept of visiting with a relative into something creative.

There are people all over the United States that are rejoicing because

Keefe Group has made the prison visit a lot less grueling. There are family members on the outside that no longer have to feel guilty about driving 3 hours one way in the rain to visit a cousin that they barely knew. In these times technology is the key to communication. It becomes very difficult to communicate without it, but it becomes super easy to have a conservation when you have the right technology available. What Keefe Group has continued to do is work on improving communication for inmates.

This company has done a lot to bring prison communication up to date. I have always thought that the inmate collect calls where such a pitiful excuse for communication. It seems like this was all that there was for a long time. I was glad to see Keefe Group bring about some changes when it came to communicating with inmates. Learn more about the company visit and


Amazing Communication with IC Solutions

The prison system is continually something that a lot of people struggle with when it comes to better communication. If you have a loved one who is in prison and are finding it difficult to keep in touch with them, it might be a good idea for you to consider using a service known as IC Solutions. IC Solutions has been around for quite some time now and is one of the leaders when it comes to prison communication systems. You will find that this option is a lot better than anything you have used in the past because of the fact that it truly works and prevent you from having issues when communicating.

When one of my own friends was put into prison for a minor offense, I found it more than a little difficult to keep in touch with them because of the way that the prison system has communication available. This is when I began to discover IC Solutions for myself and started using it on a routine basis. It allowed my friend and I to video message each other routinely so that we could feel like we were in the same room together while being miles apart. I continually recommend this technology to anyone who wants to use it because of the fact that I feel it truly works and can change your life for the better.

IC Solutions is also very easy to download and begin using right away so that you do not feel like you are wasting your time on this type of Technology. Make sure to check out the website to learn more about this service and see if it is going to work for you as it has for me and so many others who have made use of it in the past for their loved ones and friends who happen to be behind bars. To know more about IC Solutions, visit the State Journal Register.

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Global Tel Link Disagrees With The Federal Communications Commission Over The Proposed Regulations

Global Tel Link (GTL) is a leading provider of integrated technology for facilities across North America. The firm has its headquarters in Reston, Virginia. GTL offers its services to more than 50 percent of the inmates nationally, including 33 state departments of corrections, the District of Columbia, and 33 of the largest city facilities. Through their services, GTL connects prisoners with people and help with their rehabilitation. The company’s solutions align with recognized corrections’ best practices.
Last year, GTL expressed its concerns about the new regulations affecting the Inmate Calling Services (ICS) industry. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) proposed new rules that established caps on rates and fees for calls made within the state and outside the state. GTL promised to seek judicial review of the FCC’s order. The new rule would likely lead to financial instability in the industry. Moreover, many small jails are likely to suffer from insufficient telecommunication services.

In a report published by PR News, GTL Chief Executive Officer, Brian Oliver, said that the decision of the FCC would cause serious harm to inmates and their families. He continued by saying that the lower per-minute rates would lead to poor phone call quality and bad phone services. Oliver stated that the FCC’s actions were profoundly naïve. In the long-term, the proposed regulations would lead to an increase in overhead costs and cancellation of contracts between prisons and telecommunication providers.

Oliver stated that his company was willing to collaborate with other service providers in the industry and the FCC. He lamented that he felt betrayed by the FCC because they turned their back on their partnership. GTL has always advocated for a balanced approach that would address fees, rates, and commissions. Oliver concluded by saying that GTL would continue to seek a fair outcome that would work for all parties involved. For more information, watch the YouTube video that discusses the alleged wrong doings of GTL.


Keefe Group Makes It Easier for People to Communicate to Prisoners

Lawyers may have a need to communicate with prisoners. Friends may have a need to see their friends on the inside. Everyone does not know always have a schedule that will allow them to go to the prison for a visit. That is why the Keefe Group software is so popular. It has become the communication software that is designed to help people improve upon their communication with friends and family members that may be locked away.
When it comes to communication the Keefe Group company is the one that is designed to help people. It has become the most beneficial organization for people that are trying to establish contact with people that they know on the inside without actually going out to the prison. I don’t have an inclination to visit a prison. I think that most people that do not have to go to a prison are not going to go. On the inside the inmates now have access to tablets for video communication.

I think that this has made it possible for people to download the app and schedule the video visits. I think that it is important to have a company like this that allows you to save time and make visits easier.

I have discovered on KingFish that this is also a company that is providing things like healthy snack options and a lot of other other things likes foot wear. There are also personal care products for the correctional facilities by Keefe Group. This is is a company that has managed to provide a lot for different things for prisoners, and I think that this is why this company is growing so much. People that are interested in staying in touch with their friends will see how this software communications platform is working to their advantage. For more info, visit




Keefe Group Treats Prisoners As Profit Engine

I guess some companies just want to profit off of prisoners. I always thought that prisoners should have a chance to improve themselves and not be taken advantage of, but Keefe Group has a different idea. Keefe is a company founded in 1975 in St. Louis that offers food, clothing, electronics, and more to correctional facilities in over ten states in the U.S.
Apparently, they were involved in a big bribery scandal. Two men from Gainsville Florida called Joseph Deese and Edward Dugger just pleaded guilty to conspiracy and kickbacks associated with two high ranking officials in the prison system and Keefe Group. The two men apparently met Allen Clark and James Crosby, who introduced them to prison guard groups and allowed them access to participate in vending businesses. This was also after Crosby introduced the couple to the former president of Keefe Group, Jack Donnelly. Keefe virtually owns all the prison services and makes huge profit off of them.

However, this story appears to be one of pure greed. Dugger and Deese were able to offer canteen services to all Florida prison visitors, which got them $1.5 million per year. They offered bribes for that opportunity though. They gave Clark and Allen about $14k each month and a whopping $250k per year to Donnelly. Learn more about Keefe on

However, here’s where it gets even more messed up. Clark and Crosby stepped down from their posts and served their prison terms. It’s been five years since that happened. And Dugger and Deese finally made a plea deal, admitting to their wrongdoing after prosecutors produced evidence in the form of taped phone conversations. However, Keefe Group has not been charged with anything. The reason is because they are too well connected with politicians, according to some sources. I have to agree, it’s just unfair that they get away with it.

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Global Tel-Link’s PR Spin On The Latest FCC Regulation Is Hilarious

It’s always hilarious to me to see what kind of public relations large companies try to spin when they become regulated. Recently, the FCC has mandated a certain rate for telephone calls made from prisons. Now that might seem like a silly thing to you but there’s a lot of money to be made off of telephone calls coming in and out of prison facilities.

Prisons offer contracts to private companies in order to provide communication services to inmates and their families. It’s not like the capitalist market on the outside of the prison where you have plenty of options to provide you with phone services. Inmates must use the telephone services provided to them by the prison and the cost is put on their families. One company with hilarious PR spin is called Global Tel-Link, which makes over $500 million per year on these calls.

The FCC is now suppressing the price of a long-distance and interstate prison calls. This is obviously going to cut into the profits of Global Tel-Link and it is evident in their PR spin. Before the regulation, Global Tel-Link was drawing national scrutiny for charging exorbitant telephone call rates, as much as $1.50 per minute. This could cost the family of a prisoner over $300 a week to talk to their loved one. Watch this YouTube video that explains this even further.

The reaction of the telecommunications giant was hilarious. They sent their PR guy to tell news outlets that the company was disappointed in the shortsighted regulation handed down by the FCC, saying that it may disproportionately affect smaller prisons. They said that call quality may suffer, which is hilarious because if you Google the company you’ll see that call quality is already terrible. They used a bunch of flowery language to say that their disapprove of the regulation that protects prisoners and cuts into their profit. Good. Read more on Prisontalk forums.


Keefe Group Under Fire For High Prices

The Jackson Jambalaya posted an interesting article on cdispatch about the Keefe Group, an inmate communications and services firm that had a contract with the former Mississippi Department of Corrections (MDOC) Commissioner Chris Epps, who has been indicted for fraud and bribery. The Keefe Group made more than $40 million from the MDOC since 2008, nevertheless, no one from from the firm was indicted. Cecil McCrory, the man that owned previous MDOC supplier G.T. Enterprises, which he sold to the Keefe Group in 2008, was also indicted. Check out Keefe’s profile on
It’s a convoluted story of bribery and corruption, however, the Keefe Group was paying the MDOC more than 29 percent in commission fees for food and personal care item purchases by inmates. Yes, companies can make large profits selling to inmates, however, the MDOC made out pretty well too. It’s hard to imagine why McCrory would allegedly offer a bribe to get contracts that required such high commission payments.

Perhaps this is why the Keefe Group is the target of an article calling the company predatory because of the high prices they charge inmates for food items. The Under Lock & Key news service is asking people to write the Keefe Group and document any abuses by the company. Perhaps Under Lock & Key should look at what their state’s Department of Corrections is receiving in commissions from the firms that they allow to sell products and services to inmates.  Read article here:


I Use IC Solutions For My Law Office

I use IC Solutions for my law office because I have to have a secure phone line to call my clients. I learned when I got out of law school that I had to start an account to make calls to the prisons where my clients might be. I thought I could call straight in because I am a lawyer, but that is not how it works. You have to have an account with a company like IC Solutions, but they are the best people to work with because of the calls we have to make.
I place calls from my office with IC Solutions all the time, and I get my clients on the phone as soon as I need to. I have a lot to share with them, and I have to be able to speak to them knowing that all the things we are saying are confidential. It helps me to know that I can get everyone on the line, and it also helps me to feel comfortable knowing that we have given them all the information they need. I do not want to make my clients wonder what is going on, and I cannot visit all the jails on my own because of how spread out they are.

I appreciate the service that IC Solutions provides for me and my clients, and I am pleased to know that me and my clients are able to communicate when needed. They can get messages to me to call them, and I can call them immediately. I can get the families on the phone if they need it, and I have taught other families to do this because I know they needed to be able to talk to someone they love who is in jail. IC Solutions is a complete service that helps everyone. For more info, visit


FCC Takes Steps To Reduce Inmate Phone Call Rates

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) plans to cut back on excessive rates and unequal fees on phone calls for staying in touch with loved ones who are carrying out their jail or prison terms.

The FCC plans to accomplish this by putting into effect new charges for inmate telephone calling. The new rates, which replace the interim rate of 21 cents a minute for debit/prepaid interstate calls and 25 cents a minute for collect interstate calls, will be 13 cents per minute for state or federal prisons.

The charges will also vary for jails with various numbers of inmates. For example, a
jail with up to 349 inmates, 31 cents will be charged for 60 seconds or one minute while jails with 350-999 inmates the charge will be 21 cents for 60 seconds. For jails with 1,000 or more inmates, the rate will be 19 cents for 60 seconds.

The new rates are expected to be in force late in the fourth quarter this year in prisons and in the first quarter of 2017 in jails.

According to the FCC, rates for collect calls, which are slightly higher in the first year, will be lessened after a two-year conversion time.

The FCC also set boundaries for the nature of supplementary services providers may charge users. These include preset payment amounts and third party monetary business fees.

In addition, should any questions concerning overcharges take place, a complaint may be filed with the FCC by telephone or by mail.

The new rates that were established on August 4 will replace the October 2015 rates which never were realized due to a court dispute.

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