Prisons Help or Hinder Crime

For most Americans when a prisoner is sent to jail because of a crime they committed, it is just one less criminal off the streets. But when a prisoner is released from jail, many believe that prisoner to be rehabilitated and ready to reenter society. However, consider a rational law abiding citizen and how difficult hey have it dealing with psychological issues and they have the freedom to visit psychologist for help. So what did the prisoner learn in prison during their incarceration that would have rehabilitated them to a point where they are truly ready to reenter society?

Myles Hoenig suggest that criminals upon leaving the prison system are not better off than when they went into the system. Part of the problem with the notion that they have been rehabilitated is that the prison system in America today was created to punish the incarcerated, not reform. There are very few systems in place within the confines of any jail that provide avenues of change for prisoners.

Add to that, Americans have a preconceived notion that the minority lower class are the biggest problems we have with prisoners, contributing to the larger percentage of inmates when this is not true. White crime is actually higher than minority crime and it is only because of how the media portrays this in the news.

The biggest fear with an election year is that if Hilary Clinton is elected president, she does not intend to change or bring and new reform to how prisons keep inmates incarcerated, the status-quo will continue to punish criminals and not provide a means to rehabilitate. This will only increase crime rates and not help lower them. This will perpetually continue to release inmates back into society to commit the same old crimes they were punished for in the first place.