The Federal Communication Commission’s Order Receives Opposition from Global Tel. Link.

Global Tel Link is a competent and experienced provider of technology services to the inmate communication industry. The firm has ten regional divisions across the United States, and its main offices are located in Reston, Virginia. The company provides high-quality services, which include security and integrated commission solutions. The products and services that it provides are based on inattentiveness, and therefore, the customers get the best for their money. Many organizations in America believe in its technology, and it is contacted to serve the District of Columbia, thirty-three law enforcement institutions, and thirty-three facilities that are under the maintenance of counties. GTL is also depended on by about fifty percent of the prisoners in the United States for its communication technology. Visit to view GTL’s company profile.
The Federal Communication Commission recently passed an order that intends to change the rules that govern the inmate communication sector. Global Tel. Link is greatly against this new rules that aim at significantly cutting the charges of making inter and intrastate calls as well as the money that is paid to the administration of the prisons. The company argues that the FCC order is short-sighted, and it will lead to volatility in the industry hence most of the small prisons will be adversely affected. Watch the YouTube ad about GTL for more info.

The new order by the FCC was arrived at without consulting the major players in the industry, and therefore, GTL is striving to ensure that it gets reviewed by the judiciary. The company is dedicated to offering outstanding services to its customers and has been an active advocate demanding a fair regulation of inmate calling rates. It collected information that could be useful for the process but was rejected by the commission. The firm is currently mobilizing stakeholders of the ICS to help in overturning the FCC order, which might lead to poor services in the industry due to the new unsustainable rates.



FCC Proposes to Increase Caps on Inmate Phone Calls

After mere decades of playing a tug of war with the prison system’s communications leaders, Securus Technologies and (GTL) Global*TelLink, the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) has finally adapted a proposal to raise the caps on inmate phone calls from prison.

The bold decision of Tom Wheeler, Chairman of the FCC to put forth this proposal is quite the opposite of what the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) has been fighting for all of this time.

In fact, the FCC has garnered a vast amount of advocacy for the efforts they have tried to make in order to lower the caps and to make telephone communication from inmates to families much more affordable.

All the FCC has ever wanted is to propose rates that are “reasonable, and fair” in order to foster inmate relationships with their loved ones and families.

This does not come as much surprise considering the trouble the FCC has gotten into lately with their push to change the way inmates are charged for calls made from jail.

But, instead of lowering the cap they have been thwarted into an agreement to alter the previous cap between 11 cents and 22 cents to 13 cents and 31 cents in order to avoid more costly court battles and constant legal issues.

It is tragic and sad that the FCC has no choice but to succumb to the two inmate communications giants who claim that lower caps on inmate phone calls will significantly cut into their profits.

However, most would agree that the communication companies are just disregarding the bigger issues at hand so that they can continue to monopolize and earn higher commissions off providing their services to inmates in the American Prison System.

Since this decision of the FCC, an article posted on this topic at states that some prisons may nix the ability of an inmate to make phone calls, period. Those that want to do this claim that inmate phone calls made from jail are not a right,but are just a mere privilege.

For now, we will have to see what sort of controversy this stirs up and wait to see how it all pans out until the proposal is addressed on August 4, 2016.

Dealing With High Costs of Prison Calls

These days, it is really hard to save money. However, I didn’t realize that talking to an inmate in prison would be so expensive. However, there is a big example of paying tons of money for talking to a prisoner. This example is the amount of money that Heather Kofait has to pay in order to talk to her husband, Anthony. Anthony was arrested last Mach for shoplifting at a Walmart. He walked away with 21 Crest Whitestrips boxes without paying for them. In order to keep in touch with her husband, Heather has spent around $60 every week on a prison call.

Global Tel-Link and Securus Technologies have worked together in this issue. These two are two major players in the prison communications industry. They have released statements on PR Newswire that describe a record amount of phone calls to prisons. Both Securus and Global Tel-Link have stated that they are getting a historic number of calls. However, people are saying that there are a ton of charges that they have to pay which also include a bill processing fee. Among the fees that Securus charges are opening, establishing and even closing account fees. Global Tel-Link and Securus are charging their prices so that they can provide adequate security call monitoring.

When dealing with a loved one in prison, that could cost tons of money. While Global Tel-Link offers state of the art and innovative services, I do understand that there can be a lot of costs associated with using the services. I would probably just stick to paying the prisoner a visit in person. For more information about GTL, check the YouTube video about them and visit their website.





High Phone Charges Tax Inmates And Families

“Here is my principle: Taxes shall be levied according to ability to pay. That is the only American principle,” said Franklin D. Roosevelt. While most Americans agree with FDR’s view, there is today a high tax levied on the poorest citizens in the United States. That tax is in the form of high inmate phone charges in jails and prisons across the country. In some instances, a single call home can cost an inmate as much as $50. Prisoner advocates and families are now calling attention to this common problem in hopes of reducing the cost of inmate calls.

The jail in Hillsborough County in Florida is an example of a facility with expensive phone charges for inmates. Inmates pay a flat fee of $2.25 for a fifteen minute local call. The jail deducts the charge from the inmate’s phone account to which family members make deposits. The jail charges families $8.95 each time they place money into an inmate’s account. When departments add this extra charge to basic call cost, the flat fee is actually inflated to $3.75 per call. Thus, a fifteen minute call ends up costing an inmate 25 cents a minute. The cost of a long distance call is 40% higher, with the basic flat fee of $3.15. Therefore, an inmate’s long distance call may cost nearly 35 cents a minute. This compares to long distance calling charges as low as 2.5 cents a minute for the normal population.

Prison advocates hope recent rulings by the FCC will bring down these expensive calls for inmates. In October of 2015 the federal agency issued rulings to cap deposit charges and other charges. While these rulings will limit the costs in some instances, telecommunication groups have challenged the rulings in court. Only time will tell if justice will come to the area of inmate phone calls.

Why Does The Keefe Group Make Better Prison Calls?

The Keefe Group is a great place for people to make prison calls, and I know that it has been perfect for when I am trying to call my mom. We have been trying to find the best ways to check in with her, and we wanted to be sure that we could find something that was going to work every time. I did not want to be in a place where I was going to have to keep trying something new, and I did not want to be the person who was saying that this did not work. I had to get this one right, and that is when I landed on Keefe Group.

I learned from that we have been able to make a lot of calls to the people that need it the most, and I have been able to check on other people from my old community who need it. We are like the family that some people do not have, and we are making it easy for them to learn what is going on inside the jail. This is a big service for us, and we feel like we are paying it forward to the people in our area who cannot get the service.

The Keefe Group has been really helpful for us, and we wanted to make sure that we could make as many calls as we could. We were sure that we would be able to check in everyone, and now we have found out that this is the perfect thing for everyone who needs to place a call. Sometimes we just place the calls on our own, and there are other times that we let the people place the calls with our account. We want to be a help to everyone by using Keefe Group.



The Keefe Group and Its Inmate Call Services

As someone who has worked in the prison and jail industries, I have noticed that keeping in contact between loved ones and inmates has always been a problem. It can cause a lot of issues and can also be a problem for inmate mental well-being. This is because of the fact that inmates need to be in contact with their loved ones to know that they are still cared for and that their belongings, home and pets are cared for while they are in the system.

One of the best technologies I have seen implemented into inmate life has been the Keefe Group call services. According to PrisonCensorship, the Keefe Group has made a technology that enables inmates to be in contact with their loved ones who may not be able to get to the jail or prison where they are. This is ideal for inmates who are in establishments across the country and far away from where a person would be able to visit them. This includes having video conversations and being able to see the loved ones over a phone on a computer in the jail or prison.

I have personally seen this type of technology being used and have been amazed at how beneficial it has been for everyone who is involved. It enables anyone to keep in contact with their loved ones and it is all thanks to the Keefe Group. I have never seen anything like it before and know that this is going to be the brand new technology that a lot of the jails and prisons across the country are going to be using for their own needs. Visiting the Keefe Group website will give anyone more information on what can be expected when using this type of technology for families or inmates.



Recap of Keefe Group

Keefe Group is made up of six business units namely Keefe Supply Company, Access Securepak, Keefe Commissary Network, Crawford Supply, Access Solutions and access catalog. This company is regarded as the leading supplier of personal care products, electronics, food products, clothing, shoes telecommunications and technology to the correctional market. Currently, Keefe Group has made improvements in its services by offering over 5000 name brands as well as private label products that range from personal care products to snack food items, radios, televisions and athletic shoes among others. Since its establishment in 1975, Keefe Group has managed to set a good pace and standard for clients through the customer services provided and ensuring perfect satisfaction is achieved.

What This Firm Offers

This company has made changes on products in terms of packaging and development due to the evolution of technology from time to time. adds that since customers’ needs tend to change, Keefe Group has been on the lookout by providing direct response to all needs of customers within the correctional market. The main objective of this great company is to do deliver innovative products and solutions to the corrections industry. Customers are also provided with unparalleled services since this company’s sole focus is corrections. Despite the size of your facility, Keefe always offers price stability, on bulk orders, disaster recovery, nationwide distribution network and same day shipping services among others.


Keefe Group plays a very critical role in making the vision of most clients turn to a reality. The team of professionals in Keefe Group is encouraged to not only look at this company as a place of work but also a place to build career and great talents. All employees are valued and in this way, the company has managed to make investments both in professional and personal growth of employees thus making good progress.



How IC Solutions Has Transformed Inmate Calling Services

In its early days, Inmate Calling Solutions (IC Solutions) operated quietly since very few people in the public knew about the company that was going to revolutionize how inmate calls were handled in the United Sates. Personally, the very first time I heard about the company was in 2008, over an evening news program on CNN. To date, the company has grown into a big firm that is providing inmate-calling services to over 150,000 inmates in 200 correctional facilities across the United States.

According to the information I read from PissedConsumer website and other sites like, the software provided by the company has brought with it several benefits that correctional facilities never enjoyed before. In my opinion, benefits such as advanced investigative tools and continuous voice biometric identification are game changers. For example, with voice biometric identification, the system can identify exactly which inmate is on the phone and with whom. In a situation where the parties in a call cannot be identified, the prison administrators are alerted, and they have the ability to terminate the call or listen to the conversation. This information was originally reported on IC Solutions’ website as posted in this link

I also consider the calling platform provided by the Centric Group owned firm as superior not only to previous calling platforms, but also to platforms provided by competitors. With the platform, administrators of correctional facilities are in a position to prevent any fraud making schemes both outside and inside the correctional facilities. I was particularly impressed by how the extensive fraud prevention feature could help stop drug dealers who are in prison from continuing with their drug dealing activities.

In my opinion, IC Solution is a company dedicated to delivering the best services at affordable costs. For example, it carries free software upgrades for its clients and provides the clients with free training both onsite and online. From my research, I noted that the company provides 24/7 technical support. Moreover, they have a nationwide repair technician network to ensure any arising problem is solved on time.

More information can be accessed on Rip off Report’s website as given in the link below

Also a related article is posted on


An Inmate Communications Service Company At The Top

The Keefe Group is responsible for six companies that provide a wide variety of technology to Correctional Facilities. This group according to Prison Censorship, for almost forty years, has continued to be a leader in this industry. I believe that it’s extremely important to have companies such as the Keefe Group to create and provide quality technology in this industry because safety is the top priority of any corrections facility.
Services such as booking kiosks, Debit Release Cards, Deposit Services, inmate Phone Systems, Investigative Software, KeepTrak Software System, Offender Management Suite, Photo Mail for inmate communications as well as security. All of these services are crucial for the inmates, their families, and prison employees. If I were an employee at a corrections facility I would value all of these services that provide security to me. Communication is important for inmates to have. I believe it provides a calmness for the family and the inmate.

The Keefe Group offers an extensive line of products to be used by inmates either through commissary services or directly from the prison itself. These products include foods that are privately labeled, products, hygiene products created specifically for the correctional market, as well as apparel, leisure and personal care items.

Some of the food items that are offered are seafood, Ready-to-Eat Meals, snacks such cookies and crackers, ramen soup,and nuts. It is very important to eat as balanced and as healthy as possible. The beauty products are the created by the Keefe Group and are called ProTection™, Elementz™ and New Day. They offer shampoos and conditioners, lotion and shaving items,etc. And also important items to have are clothing items such as jeans, shirts, and some leisure items.

All of the things that mentioned on, I believe, play an important role for all within the corrections system, employee or inmate.


San Diego Strikes Against Prison Cooperations

What does being an inmate at a correctional facility mean? Being a prison inmate means living in a place plagued with dangerous narcotics, and receiving inadequate medical care. Let’s not forget that even though you may be bombarded with thousands of inmates more dangerous than yourself, you’ll have minimal protection due to limited staff members with inadequate training. To some activists, placing someone in a privatized prison facility is inhumane beyond belief.

Although prison facilities have extremely unfavorable conditions, inmates in San Diego are fortunate enough to have activists who are willing to go the extra mile to ensure human rights in prison. The activists will take a stand against overcrowding in prisons, demand a higher officer to inmate ratio, ask law makers to consider offering more inmate medical care, and bring to light improper training among staff. In order to receive attention from law makers, San Diego activists are going on a hunger strike which will begin July 5th.

While these goals are all meant to address pressing issues among United States correctional facilities, San Diego activists have an ultimately bigger goal. San Diego activists have noticed two correctional facilities in their neighborhoods. They are outraged that an industry with many horrors are so close to their schools, churches, and homes. Consequently, they want to stop the Corrections Cooperation of America from building more detention centers in their area.

The ambitious plans of these activists are much larger than changing prison conditions, and removing them from neighborhoods. Ultimately, the activists believe that privatizing correctional facilities is outrageous and they want all private prisons shutdown. These activists protest that the tax payer dollars being spent are severely misused, because the money is not used stop overcrowding or address the root cause of inmate incarceration and their rehabilitation into society.

Hunger Strike Being Organized in San Diego Against Private Prison