San Diego Strikes Against Prison Cooperations

What does being an inmate at a correctional facility mean? Being a prison inmate means living in a place plagued with dangerous narcotics, and receiving inadequate medical care. Let’s not forget that even though you may be bombarded with thousands of inmates more dangerous than yourself, you’ll have minimal protection due to limited staff members with inadequate training. To some activists, placing someone in a privatized prison facility is inhumane beyond belief.

Although prison facilities have extremely unfavorable conditions, inmates in San Diego are fortunate enough to have activists who are willing to go the extra mile to ensure human rights in prison. The activists will take a stand against overcrowding in prisons, demand a higher officer to inmate ratio, ask law makers to consider offering more inmate medical care, and bring to light improper training among staff. In order to receive attention from law makers, San Diego activists are going on a hunger strike which will begin July 5th.

While these goals are all meant to address pressing issues among United States correctional facilities, San Diego activists have an ultimately bigger goal. San Diego activists have noticed two correctional facilities in their neighborhoods. They are outraged that an industry with many horrors are so close to their schools, churches, and homes. Consequently, they want to stop the Corrections Cooperation of America from building more detention centers in their area.

The ambitious plans of these activists are much larger than changing prison conditions, and removing them from neighborhoods. Ultimately, the activists believe that privatizing correctional facilities is outrageous and they want all private prisons shutdown. These activists protest that the tax payer dollars being spent are severely misused, because the money is not used stop overcrowding or address the root cause of inmate incarceration and their rehabilitation into society.

Hunger Strike Being Organized in San Diego Against Private Prison