The Federal Communication Commission’s Order Receives Opposition from Global Tel. Link.

Global Tel Link is a competent and experienced provider of technology services to the inmate communication industry. The firm has ten regional divisions across the United States, and its main offices are located in Reston, Virginia. The company provides high-quality services, which include security and integrated commission solutions. The products and services that it provides are based on inattentiveness, and therefore, the customers get the best for their money. Many organizations in America believe in its technology, and it is contacted to serve the District of Columbia, thirty-three law enforcement institutions, and thirty-three facilities that are under the maintenance of counties. GTL is also depended on by about fifty percent of the prisoners in the United States for its communication technology. Visit to view GTL’s company profile.
The Federal Communication Commission recently passed an order that intends to change the rules that govern the inmate communication sector. Global Tel. Link is greatly against this new rules that aim at significantly cutting the charges of making inter and intrastate calls as well as the money that is paid to the administration of the prisons. The company argues that the FCC order is short-sighted, and it will lead to volatility in the industry hence most of the small prisons will be adversely affected. Watch the YouTube ad about GTL for more info.

The new order by the FCC was arrived at without consulting the major players in the industry, and therefore, GTL is striving to ensure that it gets reviewed by the judiciary. The company is dedicated to offering outstanding services to its customers and has been an active advocate demanding a fair regulation of inmate calling rates. It collected information that could be useful for the process but was rejected by the commission. The firm is currently mobilizing stakeholders of the ICS to help in overturning the FCC order, which might lead to poor services in the industry due to the new unsustainable rates.