Collect Calls At A High Price

When someone is in jail, a phone call can sometimes mean the difference between getting through the day and thinking that you are never going to talk to family and friends again. Prison systems can choose the phone company that they want to use for the inmates to call home, but they often choose the company that will give the greatest commission to the facility.
Global Tel-Link is one of the most expensive companies, but it’s one that many prisons will use. There are class actions taking place across the country, especially in California, about the outrageous charges that the company is putting on those who are in jail. There is usually a steep fee associated with setting up an account, and you have to have money on the account for the call to be completed. Sometimes, the call is a one-time charge. At other times, the company might charge you to talk based on how many minutes you are on the phone. Regardless of how the call is charged by GTL it’s expensive. However, with people like myself who rely on the calling systems to talk to loved ones who are in jail or prison, it’s a price we have to pay to make sure our loved ones know that we are here and waiting for them to get out.  Read more about GTL on and



Keefe Reveals How Prisoners are Money

Keefe Group through its affiliates Access Securepak, Keefe Commissary, Advanced Technologies Group, Access Corrections, Keefe Supply Company and ICS Solutions is considered to be the nation’s leading supplier of electronics, telecommunications, personal care products, food products, and clothing, technology and software solutions to most of the top correctional market.

Keefe has managed to service the correctional market pioneering technology and packaging services and evolution of products to fit the requirements of facilities countrywide. View the Keefe profile.
The first Keefe contract was on November 5th 2008 which has since been renewed several times with the last renewal being done on 2011 and is expected to expire on August 2015. Chris Epps, the then Commissioner signed all the contracts. Keefe managed to earn over $ 40 million and G.T of up to $ 3 million in gross revenue through the MDOC inmate services. JJ is the person who obtained all the payments and contracts to Keefe Commissary Network and the G.T Enterprises.
Some of the services the Keefe is responsible for include:
• The exclusive rights to sell off commissary properties such as tobacco, food, personal hygiene and other items. Keefe is believed to have paid a commission rate of 29.4% for the state operated prison sales and 24% for the private operated state prisons. Keefe is also said to have deducted 10% of the total sales.
• Processing of the inmate deposits.
• Having the exclusive rights to sell music players to inmates. MDOC is said to be receiving $15 per player sold.
• Keefe is responsible for the sale of the prepaid debit cards and inmate trust fund processing.
• Keefe is also known to have the exclusive rights to sell song downloads.
G.T Enterprises was previously owned by Cecil McCrory before he sold it to Keefe back in 2008. Cecil McCrory Management Company was also responsible for operating the prison.  Read more about Keefe, check out


A firm that Guards Criminal Justice

Since 1975, Keefe Group has had a great impact in the correctional market by providing commissary services to inmates. This firm not only provides food supplies but also clothing, inmate communications and other important software to inmates. Through its branches namely Keefe Supply Company, IC Solutions, Keefe Commissary, Crawford Supply and Access Securepak, Keefe Group has managed to record higher returns through the years. Currently, this firm has more than 5000 brand names and provides amazing private label products which include televisions, personal care products and athletic shoes among others. Keefe Group has been recognized as one of the leading companies within the cottage industry due to its ability to provide amazing services to all its clients.

What we provide

Through the years, there have been improvements on the development and packaging of products provided by Keefe Group. This has been made possible by the fast evolution of technology. Being a company that focuses on maximum satisfaction of clients, Keefe Group ensures that all needs raised by clients are well met to ensure good relations. Professionals working for this firm are committed and dedicated to deliver both innovative solutions and products required within the correctional market. The services offered are unparalleled since this firm’s main focus is correction. Regardless of the size of a correctional facility, Keefe Group [check out their profile on] provides on bulk orders, disaster recovery services, price stability and shipping services among others.


Keefe Group plays a very important role in the correctional market by ensuring all clients turn their visions to amazing realities. Despite the many challenges this firm has faced over the years, it has continued to deliver solutions and products highly demanded by clients. Employees within this firm provide cutting edge solutions and treat client’s needs individually to avoid confusion. This firm poses new challenges and opportunities to employees and clients to ensure they are motivated at all times. For more facts about the Keefe Group, visit Prisoncensorship‘s website.



Global Tel-Link Connects Me To Family Every Week

There are people using Global Tel-Link every day to call prisons, and I am the designated person in the family who have to check on people who are in jail. I have been called on to do this because the family knew that I would be able to use the technology a lot more easily than someone else might have. I am the one who have the phone and the app for Global Tel-Link, and I am the one that is closest to these two cousins.
Checking on my cousins is really the only thing that will happen for them because my family is not going to be able to help them anymore. Some of them have cut them off, and others just do not know what to do. It is a thing that we have a hard time talking about, but it is something that has to be done. We have to start figuring out how we are going to deal with them when they get out of jail, and we have to talk to them to figure this all out together.

I have been bringing information from Law360 back to the family that I have been using to help make a new plan. My cousins can actually hear me when I am talking to them on Global Tel-Link, and it helps us feel like we are doing the right thing for them. Those of us who are still trying to help my cousins need to do all we can to help, and calling with Global Tel-Link does a lot for us.

We are very committed people who believe in family, and we have to keep talking. It is going to make life easier for my cousins, and I think that our family can get through this. Global Tel-Link makes the calls secure and easy to place. For more info on GTL visit and the Consumerist website.


Who Really Pays For Inmate Phone Calls?


This is a very big debate that has been going on across the nation. There are some who view inmate phone calls as a blessing. Others view it as a curse. In order to fully understand both sides, we must first break it down.


Most of the time a person goes behind bars due to something bad they have done. Over the years the prisons have been somewhat “non-commital” on the phone call issue. Some prisons do not allow it, They say it will hike up the costs, and there are many who don’t want to deal with the extra money.

There are others who are support it. Many of these people come from families. Their families are sending out care packages, money and other things to support the people they love. These calls help to keep some of these men and women out of trouble. In many ways, these inmate communication options become a blessing.


There are many who are against this topic from the start. As this article stated, it puts the debt of these calls onto the hands of the poor people.

“Most of us are just surviving. Most of us are just barely making ends meet as it is. To put this burden on us us like adding insult to injury. How are we supposed to pay the taxes on these calls, when we can barely keep $25 in our savings account”?

This is just one of the many arguments you will hear from people on this side of the fence. Some have asked why the FCCC can’t pick up the bill. Usually, their response lies somewhere in the middle of the statement below.

“We try to put a fund aside to pick up this tab. Unfortunately, this doesn’t end up well. The money gets allocated to other things instead. We always make the argument, but somehow we get the run around. I think they just come with an excuse not to use those funds for what they are intended for”.

It’s an ongoing battle. Should the prisons be picking up the tab? Should the tab be placed on the poor Americans who can barely make ends meet? This argument has been brought up before and it will be again. The only difference is the prisons are waiting for an actual answer, not the normal excuse ring they find.


The Steep Cost of Prison Calls

In a recent article by CNN, it has been revealed that the cost of jail and prison inmates face for making phone calls to their lawyers and family member far exceeds what the average person may think. Dabid Goldman, a reporter for CNN reports that the cost in many federal and state prisons can range on average from 11 to 14 cents per minute. At first that may not sound like but very much. However, if you do the math, that mean that inmates and their loved ones are spending as nearly fifty dollars for each time that they talk for just half an hour. Doing so a few times a week can add up to a very stiff bill for staying in touch. In addition to that, some of the companies that provide the communication services will tack on an additional fee, further adding to the surprising costs.

Recently, the federal government has taken a lot of notice to the costs that are being imposed on the prisoners and their families by the communications companies to make and receive calls. As a result, the government has decided to step in by writing new federal regulations that will prevent the communications companies from being able to price gauge the prisoners on the cost per minute to talk.

Some of the prisoners are lucky in the way that they have families with a lot of money and resources to be able to pay for the steeply priced phone calls. However, the sad reality is that many of them do not. Statistically, those that have ended up in federal prisons and jails have done so as a result of being raised in an under-privileged situation. The result is that many prisoners are leaving prison with a lot of debt from the calls.

If you are interested in reading the original article published online by CNN simply do so by visiting the following link:

GTL Launches Education Management Solution for Corrections Experts and Prisoners

GTL, a proven provider of exceptional correctional technology solutions, has officially launched education solution for correction agencies to deliver a wide range of education opportunities and courseware to detainees. The findings of a study carried out by RAND Corporation in 2013 indicate that inmates who pursue various education courses while at the prison have a 43 percent lower likelihood of committing crimes again than those who never pursued such courses. The study showed that detainees who undertake education courses have 13 percent chance of being employed upon their release.

The innovative education solution by GTL allows corrections facilities to minimize recidivism by availing education programs and diverse courseware to inmates. For many years, GTL has utilized technology and innovation to improve the lives of inmates and make the world safer and better.

Inmate Tablet Platform

The Tablet Platform offers a broad range of services such as e-learning, inmate messaging and phone calling, grievance filing and commissary film, a game subscription center, law library access, and music streaming. The tablet has five layers of firewalls to avert misuse.

Learning Management System

GTL’s inmate tablet uses Learning Management Systems that are similar to those utilized in K-12 education. It offers access portals that are role specific for incarcerated persons, tutors, and correctional facility administrators and officers. The prisoners can log into areas of coursework that impresses them while the officials are managing the registration and monitoring the progress. The inmate can use the tablets to study for exams equivalent to those administered in high school. Additionally, they can learn life skills like problem-solving, anger management, decision-making, and time management.

Global Tel Link

GTL has set high standards in the corrections and public safety industry by delivering cutting-edge technology solutions. As a reliable industry leader, GTL offers service to nearly 50 percent of incarcerated persons nationwide, comprising of 33 state corrections department, Puerto Rico, 32 of the biggest city/county facilities. The Virginia-based firm has over ten regional offices in the United States.

Global Tel-Link Has A Successful Fourth Quarter Audit

Keeping in touch with your loved ones has taken a back seat for far too long and Global Tel-Link has created many technological features that are designed to give you clarity and save you money. Global Tel-Link has been around for over ten years keeping many families connected when they have a loved one in jail. Their services are affordable and reliable for a fraction of the cost of their competitors. A recent merger with JPay Services has created endless opportunities for more calling features that provides better service quality. Global Tel-Link has had a successful fourth quarter that was reported in a recent PR News article.
Features Available For Global Tel-Link Customers

Inmate Voicemail

There is a great voicemail feature for inmates that allows them to retrieve messages when they have access to the telephone. This is quality feature that still provides government mandated monitoring and surveillance. You can use this feature if you need an inmate to call you at a certain time and never miss a call from your loved ones.

Video Calling

You can use the video chat feature to talk to your loved ones for a fraction of the cost of an actual inmate call. It also provides access to a visitation feature that lets inmates and their families to talk over the internet. This feature first became popular when the courts decided to use it to save money on the cost of transporting an inmate to a hearing.

Global Tel-Link would like to invite the millions of people worldwide to their website to explore more features and details. You get quality services that save you time and eliminate the need to find an authorized agent. Inmates and their families can stay connected with the industry leaders Global Tel-Link today. Visit for additional information about Global tel link.



Global Tel Link Focuses on Inmate Communication Strategies

Global Tel Link is a big company that focuses on corrections technology. It accommodates the needs of thousands of correctional centers located all throughout the nation. It accommodates more than a million inmates as well. Global Tel Link has a variety of specialties that can help correctional facilities and incarcerated individuals alike. These include inmate communications assistance, visitation options, investigative choices, payment and deposit assistance and even facility management help.
Communication drives the team members at Global Tel Link. They work to simplify the communications process for people who reside in correctional facilities. That’s why Global Tel Link’s employees are constantly searching for ways to improve handheld device use, inmate messaging, visitation practices and phone systems.

Visitation is yet another priority for Global Tel Link. The company works to help inmates with their on-site visitation requirements. It also works to help them with remote visitation needs. If an inmate wants to be able to have a face-to-face conversation with a family member, spouse or friend who lives far away, this visitation option may be able to come in handy. Read more on PR Newswire.

Global Tel Link has helped many facilities and inmates with payment practices. The firm offers answers that are centered around release funding, transaction accounts and deposit systems. Release funding can help make release efforts a lot simpler and more straightforward. Transaction accounts can be beneficial for families that want to send money to incarcerated persons. Deposit systems, lastly, can be helpful for improving the deposit acceptance process. They can even minimize fees that correctional centers have to cover.

This company according to the NY Times is widely known within the correctional field. Its main office is located in Reston, Virginia. The company also has offices in Sacramento, California, Houston, Texas, Mobile, Alabama, Edina, Minnesota and Altoona, Pennsylvania. Global Tel Link has administrative and sales branches all around the nation, too.