Collect Calls At A High Price

When someone is in jail, a phone call can sometimes mean the difference between getting through the day and thinking that you are never going to talk to family and friends again. Prison systems can choose the phone company that they want to use for the inmates to call home, but they often choose the company that will give the greatest commission to the facility.
Global Tel-Link is one of the most expensive companies, but it’s one that many prisons will use. There are class actions taking place across the country, especially in California, about the outrageous charges that the company is putting on those who are in jail. There is usually a steep fee associated with setting up an account, and you have to have money on the account for the call to be completed. Sometimes, the call is a one-time charge. At other times, the company might charge you to talk based on how many minutes you are on the phone. Regardless of how the call is charged by GTL it’s expensive. However, with people like myself who rely on the calling systems to talk to loved ones who are in jail or prison, it’s a price we have to pay to make sure our loved ones know that we are here and waiting for them to get out.  Read more about GTL on and