Keefe Group Provides High-Tech Solutions to the Correctional Industry

There are more than 2.3 million inmates in state, federal and local prisons in the United States. Some correctional facilities even accommodate more inmates than the required capacity. With such a huge population, prison institutions are turning to innovative technology to make management more efficient. Correctional facilities are nowadays built with a Panotonic design, a concept that enables correctional officers to observe the incarcerated without inmates knowing they are being watched.
Many of the cameras used to monitor inmates are more advanced than those used in shopping centers. The latest prison cameras are bullet resistant and can withstand a great force to prevent inmates from disabling cameras during an escape or fight. Correctional facility managers are monitoring inmates beyond camera surveillance. Some correctional facilities are using radio-frequency identification tracking (RFID). The RFID is a monitoring device mainly an electronic bracelet that the incarcerated wear to track their movement in a correctional facility.

To ensure correctional institutions are more efficient and secure, Keefe Group commits its resources to developing cutting-edge services and technologies. The company is a pioneer in developing and supplying unique products and services that correctional institutions need. The technology that Keefe Group develops focuses on streamlining the way prisons manage and process financial transactions, the flow of information and entertainment for inmates and their families.

Keefe Group (check out for the company’s vendor profile) operates through its affiliates with each addressing a specific area in the corrections market. Through the affiliates, Keefe Group supplies personal care products, clothing, foodstuff, technology, telecommunications and software solutions to the correctional industry.

The Group exclusively services the correctional industry by developing the most innovative products and services. Keefe Group is headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri and manages several facilities across the country. The Group also has a manufacturing facility where it packages several private label and name brand products. This information was originally reported on

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