IC Solutions: Why I Love It

I often look at different options for communicating with friends in family behind bars, and I’m really impressed with IC Solutions so far. It’s a service for inmate telephone communication and it lets me keep in touch with friends and family. It lets you create an account to access jail phone services, leave voice messages for your family, and even chat in real time with video tech.
Some really key offerings by the company are:

-Automated Information Line: this service lets you hear automated responses to commonly asked questions about inmates and family members. I can even know the bond amount, court dates, and upcoming release dates.

-Inmate Voicemail: inmates are alerted to new messages they receive. They can also listen to those messages at any time.

-Flexible Calling: IC Solutions has a ton of different calling options, which is great for me and family members who are in jail.

-Kiosks: the IC solutions kiosked can accept money from inmates securely, which makes it really easy for them to reload minutes and other balances.

-Excellent Deposit Options: it’s no problem to increase the amount of cash the inmates can spend with online deposits or even phone deposits.

-Customer Service: whether I had a problem with my prepaid account, account setup, payments, billing issues, or any other questions, there was always 24/7 support to help me out.

Account Types On Offer:

Debit Phone Account: this account is really easy to get setup. Using a debit card, the inmate can make a call to any phone number.

Prepaid Account: This is great if you want to be able to accept calls when otherwise you wouldn’t be able to. The option lets you accept calls from the inmate when:

-It’s a cell phone
-The phone company doesn’t bill for collect calls
-The number has gone over the spending limit of collect calls.

Collect Calls: if the number is approved, then the inmate can make the call to the number. Then that call will be billed to you. You can also pay in a number of different ways, from phone, to online (https://www.icsolutions.com/) to sending a check or money order in. read more about IC Solutions on Ripoffreport.com.