Keefe Group Under Fire For High Prices

The Jackson Jambalaya posted an interesting article on cdispatch about the Keefe Group, an inmate communications and services firm that had a contract with the former Mississippi Department of Corrections (MDOC) Commissioner Chris Epps, who has been indicted for fraud and bribery. The Keefe Group made more than $40 million from the MDOC since 2008, nevertheless, no one from from the firm was indicted. Cecil McCrory, the man that owned previous MDOC supplier G.T. Enterprises, which he sold to the Keefe Group in 2008, was also indicted. Check out Keefe’s profile on
It’s a convoluted story of bribery and corruption, however, the Keefe Group was paying the MDOC more than 29 percent in commission fees for food and personal care item purchases by inmates. Yes, companies can make large profits selling to inmates, however, the MDOC made out pretty well too. It’s hard to imagine why McCrory would allegedly offer a bribe to get contracts that required such high commission payments.

Perhaps this is why the Keefe Group is the target of an article calling the company predatory because of the high prices they charge inmates for food items. The Under Lock & Key news service is asking people to write the Keefe Group and document any abuses by the company. Perhaps Under Lock & Key should look at what their state’s Department of Corrections is receiving in commissions from the firms that they allow to sell products and services to inmates.  Read article here: