Securus Technologies Granted Five New Patents For Inmate Communications Technologies

Securus Technologies, a leading inmate communications provider, received five new patents from the United States Patent Office in the last four months. According to Securus Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Rick Smith, the company leads the industry in the number of patents that they hold, which is up to 248 now. Smith credits Securus’s software developers and research and development team for coming up with solutions to better serve their law enforcement clients, according to a PRN Newswire¬†press release.


Securus’ new patents include technology that selects advertisements that will play on inmate’s tablets and an exclusive means of electronic communications between inmates and people outside the facility. Another new patented technology allows the covert recording of images and video on an inmate’s communications device.


Securus is proud of their advanced solutions for jails and prisons, so much so that the company asked outside counsel to hire intellectual property consulting firms to compare Securus’ patent portfolio to other companies in the same industry. Three independent firms, that did not know who they were working for, agreed that Securus’ patent portfolio was the strongest. The company’s patent portfolio includes inmate telephone service, video calling, voice biometrics and more. In fact, Securus holds more patents than the entire rest of the industry combined.