Keefe Group Provides Inmate Services Hassle Free

Established in 1975, Keefe Group is best described as an inmate service providing business. The company offers a wide variety of programs and custom services geared toward the correctional market. Keefe Group adjust all programs to fit the standard rules of every facility.

Using these special services, Keefe Group grants the public the opportunity to send various items to inmates. Products are professionally packaged according to the facility regulation, limiting the risk of items being denied by the facility. Inmates can receive packages in a timely fashion through the Keefe Group packaging service.

The Keefe Group offers a 24/7 live commutative support system. According to, they allow you to speak to a well trained representative at the hours of your choice. All reps are native English or Spanish speakers. The thoroughly enforced background and drug screening test ensure the highest quality of employee is able to assist you. The team of customer service experts have a combined experience of over 250 years.

Advanced technology systems allow the company to further assist the public and inmates. Keefe Group uses its own in-house create software. The company as revealed by STL Today also have an in-house team of software developers. The developers write and support all banking efforts among many other things.

Keefe Group is committed to an ultimate quality satisfaction. The experienced company continuously strive to establish a comprehensive service for all customers in need. Individuals can take advantage of over 50 specific services and programs offered by the company. Tailored to fit your personal need, Keefe Group maintains an unmatched level professionalism.


Ordering Keefe Group Food From The Outside

I am a prison advocate from stltoday who only takes on clients with eating problems. Food is a forgotten piece of prison life, and Keefe Group provides quite a bit of it to American prisons. This is my story of searching for proper food for every client. I am an advocate, and I only do so much. Keefe Group does the rest when I reach their corporate office.

#1: Ordering Food Through Their Offices

I order food through the corporate office at Keefe Group, and they send the food directly to the prison where my client is held. The orders are constructed of meals that keep my clients healthy, and they are fed in the nurse’s office in most cases. I appreciate Keefe Group’s willingness to help with these matters, and I have built meal plans that protect my clients from sickness.

#2: Food Is Safety

Food is safety in quite a few instances, and I speak to Keefe Group often about altering or creating meal plans. They are packaging the meals I create in their warehouses, and the meals are sent with special instructions to each prison. Keefe Group goes out of their way to help me when I have several clients to feed, and I have not heard a complaint yet.

#3: Health Is Our Primary Concern

Health of our clients is the goal when calling on Keefe Group for help. I ask them to accommodate me on a daily basis with food orders, and they regularly return with orders that help me give my clients peace of mind. Every client deserves to live comfortably and healthily while in prison, and it is my job to see them through. Prisoners may become ill due to poor food quality, but Keefe Group keeps the bar so high that we never have any problems. All my clients eat well every day.

I order from Keefe Group because they have the foods I need. Their access to a large network of prisons makes my job easier, and they are often calling me to ensure I am receiving what I need for each client.



The Keefe Group Has Built A Reputation Of Reliability And Professionalism

Inmate or not, solitude is a difficult thing for any person to deal with over extended periods of time. Not being able to talked to loved ones, such as children, for years at a time, or longer, can be a hard thing to bear. This is why the Keefe Group is highly regarded for the communication services they provide their clients with, as it allows them to stay more connected to their friends and family on the outside. The Keefe Group has been developing their services for the past 4 decades, supplying correctional facilities all over the country. The extra communication services, especially video visits, goes a long way in helping the staff at these facilities as well, since no manpower is needed to oversee visitations.

The Keefe Group originally started as the Keefe Supply company in 1975, and according to have since expanded into a large corporation with the help of partnered companies all working together to form the Keefe Group. With their many distribution centers and officers spread out around the country, they are capable of providing goods and services to pretty much all prisons and correctional facilities without much issue. Recidivism is also effected by the extra communication services available today.

The Keefe Groups methods and systems have been able to grow and upgrade along with the ever and rapid developing technology over the years. Their software, such as KeepTrack, allows them to record and access all the information they need on every inmate or client they have around the country. This software offers many suites for them to manage billing and payments, banking, calling, voice mails, and much more for their clients. This has gone a long way in keeping them at the top of the correctional market.

The Keefe Group has managed to bring many innovations to the field today, and with their level of professionalism and reliability, they have maintained good relations and do not stur up trouble during their deliveries or services. In the coming years, the Keefe Group will continue to expand and maintain their leading position on the market.

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Global Tel-Link Is Not Your Normal Telephone Company

The cost to hear a human voice can be expensive. Most people don’t think about this. However, if your loved one happens to be locked up behind bars, it is something you think about a lot. This is because regular telephone companies don’t provide service to prisons. Instead, a company called Global Tel-Link most often provides this service. If Global Tel-Link acted like a normal phone company when connecting calls to prisoners, this would just be an odd piece of trivia. Unfortunately, Global Tel-Link is about as different from a traditional telephone company as you can get.

This YouTube video exposed that  Global Tel-Link charges their customers a rate of $1.22 a minute to speak to a prisoner. The company also has a scary collection of hidden fees. For example, people using Global Tel-Link to call a prisoner must pay a fee to open an account and deposit money to pay their telephone bill. This means you must pay Global Tel-Link just for the privilege of paying the company again! There are also fees associated with closing an account and requesting a refund for an account. All of this money is said to be used to help make the phone calls to prisoners safe. However, it seems that much of the money is actually used by Global Tel-Link to secure exclusive contracts with prisons. These contracts prevent Global Tel-Link from facing competition and keeps the prices high.

People wishing to call someone in prison shouldn’t have to deal with a company like this.

Global Tel-Link should operate more like a traditional telephone company. This would greatly help many people across America. The friends and families of prisoners shouldn’t be forced to pay a fortune just to speak to a loved one locked away. Help spread the word about Global Tel-Link. Together, we just might make the company change.



Global Tel-Link’s High Rates Discourage Contact With Incarcerated Family Members

Although the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) finally took action against the sky-high rates that certain inmate communication providers, such as Global Tel-Link, charge for telephone calls from jails and prisons, they did not do enough. A 25 cent per-minute rate cap is a help, however, this cap only applies to calls that inmate make to family in another state, not in-state calls. Prisoners frequently call home, which is often in the same state where they are incarcerated, so the rate cap does not help the families who place money in an account to pay for the calls. The ACLU is pushing for reduced rates for in-state calls, mentioning GTL specifically as one of the communication providers that is making it difficult for prisoners and their families to keep in touch.

Since Global Tel-Link controls approximately 50 percent of the prison communications market, stories about high prison telephone rates frequently mentioned the inmate communications provider, such as a New York Times article ( that highlights people’s struggle to maintain contact with incarcerated loved ones. One woman interviewed for the article pays a $6.95 service just to put money in an account so her husband can call her at $12.95 for a 15-minute call. Others have equally sad stories to tell about not having enough money to maintain regular contact with a family member in prison. Nevertheless according to advocates from, Global Tel-Link’s high rates and fees will continue to discourage much-needed regular contact between inmates and their loved ones unless the FCC does something about the high per-minute rates for in-state calls and they address the high fees the company charges to place money in an account as well. Read more at


The “Serial” Series Reveals Global Tel-Link Fraudulent Prison-Call Charges

The last episode of the podcast “Serial” was available on YouTube for viewing and downloading. This is the episode that reveals the name of a company behind the fraudulent charges in prisons. The GTL management is not shaken by the fact that their business is at stake. Consumer name reputation should raise concern as a telecommunication company providing prisoner phone call services.

Each episode of the series opens a scene-set pre-recorded announcement with the theme music: This is a pre-paid call by Adnan Syed, an inmate at Maryland Correctional facility, through GTL. If you are interested in true crime, audio stories, or spending time questioning the human memory, “Serial” is a detailed exploration of the events surrounding the murder of a student in 1999 at Maryland. Phone calls are among the issues related to this case.

The series would never exist or be different without Global Tel-Link and the community phones. Since audio-video records are banned in prisons, the program features hours of taped phone conversation between Adnan Syed and Sarah Khoenig. Adnan was convicted following the murder of his girlfriend. Prison phone calls are very expensive. For those who want to lead a crime-free life out of jail, maintaining connections outside the correctional facilities is important. For a 40-hour pre-paid phone call in jail, the cost could rise to $2,500. According to PrisonTalk, prison phone credits are too expensive for low-income families.

That kind of bill is unbelievable. According to, this is the highest rate in the United States. While prison contracts differ, phone services bids work differently from government contracts. Prison contracts choose their qualified contractors based on the amount of money they will make with the services. They choose the highest bidder instead. 96 percent of the penitentiary call profits go to prisons. Some states have banned this practice, and the case is with the Federal Communications Commission.


The Keefe Group Is Tinkering with One of the Most Important Parts of Life

I’ve been really working on my health these last few months. And part of that has involved really looking into the subject of food. While doing so I stumbled onto a prisoner’s account of how meals are handled within the prison system. I didn’t expect it to be the happiest thing in the world. But the prisoner’s account of the food industry’s relation to prisons was quite shocking. He had a furious tone when discussing one entity in particular. The Keefe Group is one of the main suppliers of non-essential food items within the prison industry. Non-essential food items might not sound like a very big deal. But it’s important to keep in mind that the essential foods in prisons are more or less handled in a similar way to hospital food. They can’t touch on any potential allergies or sensitivities. And they all have to be as healthy as possible. It’s great in theory, but there’s a reason why most people only have foods like that as a small portion of their diet. Bland food quickly becomes tedious, almost to the point of being painful to endure.

The Keefe Group knows this and is really taking advantage of their captive consumer market. The prisoners obviously don’t have any other options for food. The Keefe Group usually has exclusive rights to sell food within any given prison. This doesn’t have to be a bad thing. However, in practice a monopoly within any given area will quickly start to harm the local population. It’s as true for prisons as anything else.

According to, the Keefe Group charges outrageous prices for their food because they don’t have any competition. And they also know that the prisoners are desperate enough to quite literally spend every cent they make. This becomes even worse when I realized that a lot of the payment for work programs in prison actually comes from taxpayers. It was bad enough when I was considering how prisoners were being taken advantage of. But then I realized the Keefe Group was getting rich off of both prisoners and the taxpayers. I quickly became just as upset as the article’s author when I realized my tax money was being used to make a rather morally ambiguous company richer.

The Keefe Group Works Well in Prisons

The Keefe Group has put their kiosks in prisons around the United States. They have worked hard to make sure that they are doing the right thing in prisons and this has led to them becoming the number one prison provider in the country. It has allowed them the chance to get into various areas around the country.

When they first started, they were a commissary kiosk. They wanted to help the people who were in prison to get what they needed or wanted while they were there. This meant that they needed to get their system set up to work with the prison payment system and with the way that family members could send money in. They used this opportunity to expand into a payment company for people who are in prison. They have been able to further expand that into handling the payroll for the prisoners who do jobs in the prison.

Within the kiosks, inmates can also communicate with people on the outside. The kiosks allow the inmates to communicate with their loved ones by phone in almost all locations. Some locations have email communication for inmates and people on the outside which makes things much easier for the inmates and the administration who monitors this communication. It is easy for inmates to make sure that they are talking to the right loved ones because of the way that they system is set up for them to be able to make calls and to even send emails.

While The Keefe Group is in a lot of places around the United States, there are still some places that they are not in. They are hoping to work with the administrators in these prisons to be able to provide them with the kiosks in the prisons. This will allow them the chance to make a difference in even more prisons. The ultimate goal of the Keefe Group is to be in every prison across the United States and to eventually expand to other prisons that are in other countries around the world aside from the United States prison systems. For the full company profile, visit

Global Tel-Link Has Shamed America

I’ve never been to jail and can’t imagine what that experience entails. I haven’t even called anyone in prison, but I am an American. To me, this means integrity, humility, and generosity. Businesses should display these same attributes. It seems Global Tel-Link, leaders in the inmate communications industry, decided to dump these values in the trash and exchange them for greed and deception.

There is Some Good News

Before I tell you the bad news, let me tell you some good news. The FCC has put a cap on what inmate communications companies can charge people to use a service. I was glad to hear that, but Global Tel-Link had the audacity to complain. Excuse, me? The enterprise should be shut down and the leaders thrown in prison for what they have done to inmates and their families. Thankfully, the FCC is investigating the company, but this process is taking a long time.

Okay, you are probably wondering what the enterprise did.

The Un-American Deeds

Information from Prisontalk forums has been released that shows Global Tel-Link has been involved in shady customer dealings. Some people said they paid up to 89 cents per minute just to talk to an inmate. Communication is beneficial to inmates. I guess they had to become fast-talkers and get the most they could out of a two minute call. Of course, they had to pay a service fee as well. It looks like families are being punished for their loved ones crimes.

The company also added deceptive fees to bills. In a report by Law360, some customers caught the deliberate additions but others didn’t. Global needs to pay back what it stole from these families, plus more.

The icing on the cake is this company tried to besmirch a competitor. The entity took Securus to court regarding a patent claim. I guess the leaders of GTL didn’t want to go down alone and wanted to bring others with them. The case was thrown out, showing that this unscrupulous company is our country’s shame. To learn more about these alleged wrong doings by GTL, watch this YouTube video.


Responsibilities of IC Solution to Collection Facilities

There are many things you can do for someone you care about while they are in correction facility. You can be there for them always by calling, visiting or even leaving voice messages. IC solutions is one of the companies that offers the most reliable communication services ( to make sure you communicate with the inmate any time. There are different types of accounts that you can open with IC Solutions to help you make calls to the inmate. This will help you make video calls or even leaving voice messages any time.

Services offered by IC solutions

They provide different services to you and to the inmate as well. They have an automated information line which helps you get answers to any question you may have. This will help you know details about the inmate like the bond amount, release date and even the court appearance date. The inmate is also provided with a voice mail box where he gets alerts of the voice messages left. The prisoner will be able to listen to their messages when they find time. New inmates are also in a position to deposit their money in their IC Solutions account safely since there are kiosks put up to ensure there is no violence during the process.


There are different accounts offered by IC Solutions which you can create to ensure you communicate all the time with the inmate. The debit account will allow you make phone calls to any inmate as long as the payments are completed. Prepaid account allows you to accept calls from an inmate provided they are using cell phones. Collect calling is an account which allows the inmate to make calls to any telephone number that is recognized by the facility. Once you accept the call, it will be billed from your next telephone bill. Check out’s review to learn more about the company.