Global Tel-Link Is Not Your Normal Telephone Company

The cost to hear a human voice can be expensive. Most people don’t think about this. However, if your loved one happens to be locked up behind bars, it is something you think about a lot. This is because regular telephone companies don’t provide service to prisons. Instead, a company called Global Tel-Link most often provides this service. If Global Tel-Link acted like a normal phone company when connecting calls to prisoners, this would just be an odd piece of trivia. Unfortunately, Global Tel-Link is about as different from a traditional telephone company as you can get.

This YouTube video exposed that  Global Tel-Link charges their customers a rate of $1.22 a minute to speak to a prisoner. The company also has a scary collection of hidden fees. For example, people using Global Tel-Link to call a prisoner must pay a fee to open an account and deposit money to pay their telephone bill. This means you must pay Global Tel-Link just for the privilege of paying the company again! There are also fees associated with closing an account and requesting a refund for an account. All of this money is said to be used to help make the phone calls to prisoners safe. However, it seems that much of the money is actually used by Global Tel-Link to secure exclusive contracts with prisons. These contracts prevent Global Tel-Link from facing competition and keeps the prices high.

People wishing to call someone in prison shouldn’t have to deal with a company like this.

Global Tel-Link should operate more like a traditional telephone company. This would greatly help many people across America. The friends and families of prisoners shouldn’t be forced to pay a fortune just to speak to a loved one locked away. Help spread the word about Global Tel-Link. Together, we just might make the company change.