Correctional Facilities Call On The Keefe Group For Professional And Reliable Services

Even the most hardened inmate can still find it difficult to handle the solitude and time away from family and loved ones. There are many inmates today that have partners or children that they are unable to see on the outside, which is why communication services have long been sought after. The Keefe Group happens to be one of the leading suppliers of communication services in the business, on top of being the top provider of goods and services overall in the correctional market today. The According to STL Today, Keefe Group has been in the industry for decades, and today they have business locations spread out through several different states, and they have several more distribution centers spread out as well to handle their large workload.

The company originally began in 1975 as the Keefe Supply company, though they didn’t have much to offer back then, especially with the lack of modern technology. Today is a different story, as the leading supplier to correctional institutes around the country, the Keefe Group can supply nearly anything their clients need, and everything comes in safe packaging and containers as well. This includes things such as electronics, food, clothes, personal care products, and more. The communication they offer is not only sought after, but it helps both inmates and staff at correctional facilities by easing the minds of one, and lessening the workload for another. The less physical visitations their are, the less guards need to physically oversee visits. has revealed that for decades, the Keefe Group has been using their Enforcer and KeepTrack systems to take care of all of their business with correctional institutes and maintain all the information they hold for their clients. This is how they can keep track of inmates banking, payments, money management, voicemail’s, and much more. Some of their products today are even offered online to normal citizens due to how popular they have become in the prisons, which includes their famous potato chips.