Families Of Inmates Deal With The Harsh Reality Of An Unfair Correctional System

Politicians from both parties win elections promising to be tough on criminals. Most offenders are labeled by those politicians. Criminals are called inhuman and violent, but those labels may only apply to a small number of the 716 people per 100,000 that are sent to a state or federal prison. More than 60 percent of those people are nonviolent offenders. Six million Americans can’t vote because they have been convicted of a criminal offense. That’s bad enough. But the real abuse of lawbreakers doesn’t start when they are released. It starts when they are incarcerated.

The quest to make a buck doesn’t stop at prison bars. Several companies are awarded contracts to sell goods and services to inmates, and many of those contracts are highly suspect. Recent investigations in state prisons across the country have uncovered fraud, kickbacks, and downright legal stealing by contractors that say they help inmates survive while they are serving time. A recent report concluded that many offenders that have frequent contact with family and loved ones, while they are behind bars, are less likely to return to prison. Several companies offer telephone service to inmates, but one company, in particular, has been reaping the rewards of the jaded contract system for years. Global Tel Link is a major phone service provider for thousands of prisons across the country. According to Bloomberg’s report, GTL has been called out numerous times by families that are forced to pay the inflated charges for calls from inmates.

Global Tel-Link was able to charge $17 to $18 per minute for calls made from prisons for years. The Federal Communication Commission got involved recently and stopped that practice. But GTL still adds fees to phone calls, and those fees make calling a very expensive. The ACLU wants to stop companies from ripping off families of inmates. But GTL is still in business doing just that. Watch this YouTube video that further explains GTL’s alleged jail fraud.

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Getting Help from the Keefe Group

The Keefe Group has continually made it simple for prison families to keep in touch with their loved ones each and every day. This has been a problem for my loved one in the past because of the fact that I simply could not find a way to keep in touch with them regularly. It is very difficult for you to feel confident knowing that you are keeping in touch with a loved one because of the fact that they are in prison and you have no way of getting in touch with them. It is very frustrating to the average prison family to have to deal with this stuff and this is why it is very important for you to consider using a company you can trust in order to begin video messaging your loved one without any problems.

STL Today says this company is known as the Keefe group and has been around for a while now providing this particular service to people who need it. Because of the fact that I have used to keep group in the past, it is something that I can actually recommend to people and tell them that it truly works and is safe and reliable for them and their loved ones. It is very easy for you to begin using the Keefe group if this is something that you feel can benefit your own life as it has for a lot of other prison families in the country. Prison families are continually looking for something that allows them to keep in touch with their loved ones with ease and to not have to worry that they are continually doing something that is costing them a lot of money.

For anyone who is interested in using the Keefe group, it is a good idea for you to check out their website or to even look at them on social media to see what other people are saying about their amazing services. This will give you an idea as to what their company is like and what you can expect when making use of the services all the time.

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Will South Carolina Block Cell Phones For Inmates?

There are some hard and fast rules when it comes to cell phones in U.S. prisons. That is to say that such phones are not permitted. They would allow people to communicate with those in the outside world, and this could lead to devastating consequences. However, with any given rule or regulation, there are those who will try to get around it, and the cell phone issue is certainly one that is a problem.


It is hard for prison guards to keep up with the massive flow of cell phones that are smuggled into prisons each year. All that they can really do is try to prevent them from coming in. If they fail to do this, then they will take them from the prisoner once they are discovered. However, at that point it may be too late.


With this much concern about cell phones, authorities in South Carolina have asked the Federal Government for permission to install technology which would block cell phone signals in the prisons in the first place. This is technology which is available to them but which they are currently not able to use.


The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has determined that such cell phone blocking technologies pose a risk to the officers on duty. Those officers may need to use their own cell phones in the event of an emergency in the prison. Thus, the commission has been reluctant to allow states to put in the cell phone blocking technology.


With that in mind, South Carolina makes the argument that their officers are not permitted to bring their cell phones to work in the first place. As such, the cell phone blocking technology would not have an impact on their work as it is currently performed. The FCC has not responded to this inquiry as of yet.


What you May Not Know about Inmate Communinations

I think that the world in large would be fairly surprised to see the way that many jails and prisons operate in America. I believe that there is a large conception that why all look the same as how they have been portrayed throughout movies and television. We picture dark, grimy, cold cements rooms, in rows and rows. Each one closed of with an iron bar door. The truth is, that for many prisons, this could not be further from the truth.

I believe that this is just one of the many common misconceptions or ideas of what daily life is like in jail or prison. Another one that is widely misunderstood is inmate communication. A few of the details about the reality of communications among inmates was discussed in the recent blog article “Partnership with Davidson Sherriff Leads to Lowest Inmate Phone Rates in the State”. In the article, written by Vinnie Mascarenhas, it states that one of the major concerns for prisons is maintaining the call rate for the prison, as it can become a large expense to the prison and taxpayers. The article state that the local prison had developed a system of repeatedly demonstrating that increased communication with loved ones was an effective way of maintaining the community ties that are “crucial to reducing the probability of recidivism”. In order to produce these results, the prison initiated a deal with the communications company GLobel Tel to sustain low call rates, which would mean less of an expense to prisoners and the community overall.


Prisoners Are Money. Keefe: $40.4 million, G T Enterprises: $3.2 million

There many reasons why we keep wondering how Keefe Food Group has sustained its business for all this time. We fail to ask ourselves how our brothers and sisters in prison are faring on. We need to think about ways in which we can make the prisons a better corrections place. Keefe Food Group is one of the most corrupt companies in the United States. As a matter of fact, the company bribes to prison officials to keep obtaining contracts to serve the inmates. Therefore, all these charges are directed back to the prisoners due to the expensive essential commodities. For this reason, prisons have become money havens for thriving companies line Keefe Group.

According to the prison records from Kingfish1935, Keefe Food Group made more than $40 million in one year from serving prisoners. For this reason, we are meant to think that business in prison is so efficient that everyone will be attracted to work with them. As a matter of fact, we need to understand that the company pays bribes to prison officials to operate in the prisons. For this reason, they engage in increasing the prices so as to cater for their kickbacks to prison staff and other state departments.

Keefe Food Group began their contract in the past few years. Since 2008, their contract has been renewed several times. As a matter of fact says STL Today, there are many other companies which can work for prisons to supply food stuff and other personal commodities but never get the chance to work. For this reason, we can deduct the reason why they fail to receive these contracts even when they are qualified. Prisons are havens for corruption. However, we are appealing to the government to increase their watch on prison state officials to demand respect.

In the prison setup, Keefe Food Group Company is responsible for the following services.

  • They have the exclusive rights to sell all songs in jail setups. Each song costs $1.70. For every song sold, the company gives $0.10 to the prisons.
  • The company also has the exclusive rights to sell music players to inmates. Each player costs $115. For every layer sold, only $15 is given to prison staff.


Global Tel-Link Suffers Bad Press

Global Tel-Link (GTL) delivers inmate communications systems in the correctional facilities industry. GTL has been providing services for years. GTL has found itself submerged in a tremendous amount of bad publicity. Bloomberg reports have revealed the company has been linked to more than a few controversies.

Those with no experience with being incarcerated do not realize inmates must sign up with communications companies to make phone calls. Two of the biggest names in the inmate communications industry are GTL and Securus Technologies.

The two companies are involved in a legal dispute over patent claims. Securus Technologies has even publicly accused GTL of a “smear campaign“. Securus Technologies took the unprecedented step of publishing a press release designed to cast light on inaccuracies related to GTL’s statements over the patent dispute. The public disagreements between the two companies are sure to remain in the news for some time to come.

GTL has had to deal with bad additional bad publicity due to news reports over the rates it charges for inmate phone calls. The word “outrageous” was even used to describe the fees charged by the company.

Global Tel-Link has a lot of work to do to overcome the branding damage experienced due to all these YouTube videos, news reports and editorials. The damage may not even be fixable.

Read More: https://www.consumeraffairs.com/cell_phones/global_tel_link.html