Legacy Launches an All-Inclusive Communication Device

A leading communication provider for the corrections industry, Legacy Inmate Communication, announced their latest communication platform, Bridge Communication Device -BCD-. The device will revolutionize the correction industry as it will allow inmates to access communication services. The platform will have video visitation, voicemail, email and video messages. It will also have additional services such as a law library, automated inmate information system, commissary interface and kite request.



The technology will be available at a low cost and will combine all the inmates’ services into one cheap, versatile device. Bridge Communication Device will be mounted on the wall. It has a small 10-inch touchscreen that will be used for communication. The display is impressive with high definition and an aspect ratio of 16:9 designed for video visits, messages, operation services, and purchases.



The Bridge device will allow all Legacy communication services to be on a single device. This technology that Legacy has announced is likely to replace the telephones because it serves as phone but with more added services than a telephone.



The device is perfect for all the facilities from the local police department to DOCs. Bridge Communication Device will be crucial to any correction facility as it will enable communication to be more controlled. The officers will have plenty of investigating opportunities to further improve the security in jails. BCD is not only beneficial to inmates, but the correctional facilities will also have an opportunity to generate revenues.



Legacy promises to give favorable rates to families and friends of inmates and better customer services. The technology will complement all parties involved, and inmate reoffending will be reduced.



The advantages that Bridge Communication Device will offer is without a doubt plenty. The main distinct advantage, however, Legacy is giving an integrated technology that is new, and incorporates all the services needed into one device. This technology is without a doubt going to transform communication in the correction facilities.