Communications Technology to Those with Limited Freedom

Technology has begun to invade the prisons of Ohio. Communications companies have been trying to come up with new ways to make money while connecting inmates with individuals in the outside world for less. Here are a few of the solutions that they have come up with.

Inmate E-mail System

JPay has been changing the way inmates communicate and have been looking for new ways to make the system work better in such a dark world. They have installed kiosks around the state for prisoners to log on to and send e-mails. The technology is faster than regular mail and cheaper as well. If you are an approved visitor you can connect with your loved one during a half hour video visit through these kiosks as well.

Trial Fun for Loaning out Tablets

One prison in Ohio has begun lending all its inmates tablet like devices that allow them to make 30 minute phone calls. This is a trial to see how it goes and possibly will happen in more prisons in the future. The benefits? No waiting in long lines for phones. Many fights in prison are caused because of the phones. A common statistic for low-level prisons is about 150 inmates having access to three telephones. Inmates can make 15 minute calls then must wait at least one hour to make another 15 minute call with the actual phones while on the burrowed tablets they can make half hour calls as often as they want. This means not only that the phone company can make more money, but that there are less fights when it comes to gaining access to the limited quantity of phones and available times to call.

Jay has been continually trying to give more ways to communicate and keep in touch with loved ones for inmates. It will be interesting to see what they come up with next.