GTL Concern with The Proposed FCC Regulation

Global Tel link (GTL) articulated its concern and dismay about the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) impact on their last order putting in place new regulations for the Inmate Calling Services (ICS) commerce. These new rules establish fees and rates for intra-state calls. The rules also short commissions and discourage facility administrator payments.

These steps create instability in the industry. Many small jails will be threatened financially. Consecutively, GTL has now sought fair representation to have the order reviewed by FCC. GTL foresees this plan as short-sighted because the future of small jails is compromised.

According to the Consumer Affairs, FCC may hurt families and inmates in their decision. These are the people they want to help. While the rates will be low, they may end up with no phone services or low-quality phone services. For this reason, telling the universe that security, technology, and commissions can be met under regulations is a naïve predicament. This regulation defies common sense and the records of FCC.

I financial tsunami is created by FCC’s last order in the industry. This law preserves the largest overhead costs and reduces the sustainable service costs for services. This impact cripples service providers and forces them to cancel contracts. Many families and inmates will be left without these services. In a recent report by Top Class Actions, a class suit against GTL’s unfair rates is on process.

GTL brings affordable phone service and high-end technology to inmates, facilities, and families in America. GTL states that it has committed its services to provide comprehensive and sustainable solutions to reduce consumer costs.

The industry is willing to negotiation. They worked hand-in-hand, collaboratively with Clyburn and their staff to seek a suitable outcome for the policy. However, FCC has turned a blind eye to the 10-year track record of the company. GTL has always advocated for a suitable approach towards reducing calling rates. FCC continues to ignore the role and contribution of GTL in the inmate industry. To read more, check out