Consumer Complaints Regarding IC Solutions Services and Prepaid Deposits

Consumers have been expressing concerns via online review websites about the business practices of IC Solutions. Consumers are expressing a variety of different types of complaints about IC Solutions.

One area in which consumers are making complaints about IC Solutions focuses on issues surrounding money deposits made by friends and family members. IC Solutions markets that it provides an inmate telephone solution ( through which a friend or family member can make a deposit with the company and those funds allow for prepaid phone calls to be made by an inmate to the loved one who made the deposit.

Consumers are complaining that they have made deposits and heard nothing back from the company. They maintain that they made deposits and the funds did not become available for use. In other words, they paid money to IC Solutions and were not able to receive phone calls from their incarcerated loved one.

Some Pissed Consumers are also complaining about fees charged per each phone call. These individuals maintain that they were not appropriately advised of the nature and extent of fees. They also contend that the fees themselves, even when they have knowledge of them, are far too high.

IC Solutions is an industry leader when it comes to inmate telephone systems. Indeed, IC Solutions provides phone systems to innumerable correctional institutions across the United States.

IC Solutions provides three different ways in which the company’s phone services can be accessed. First, and as has been noted, prepaid deposits can be made by friends and family members of incarcerated individuals. Second, an inmate can set up a debit account by transferring funds from his institutional trust fund account to his or her phone account. Finally, in some instances, the IC Solutions permits collect calls. This usually requires the recipient to have a landline.