The Keefe Group Corners the Inmate Commissary Market

The Keefe Group operates through a number of different affiliates. These enterprises include Keefe Supply Company, Keefe Commissary Network, Access Securepak, Access Corrections, ICSolutions and Advanced Technologies Group.

The Keefe Group is ranked as the leading supplier of food products, technology, personal care products, clothing, electronics, telecommunications and software solutions operating in the correctional marketplace in the United States today.

Beginning in 1975, the Keefe Group serviced the correctional market in a number of different ways. The company provides its services to a majority of correctional institutions in the United States today. This includes correctional institutions on the local, state, and federal level in the United States.

When it comes to commissary or canteen services for inmates, the Keefe Group enters into exclusive agreements with correctional agencies and institutions. Through these agreements, the Keefe Group becomes to the sole provider of commissary services at a correctional institution.

According to KingFish, as a result of the Keefe Group being the sole provider of commissary services at a particular institution, the company is able to name its own price when it comes to the products sold to inmates. Inmates have no ability to negotiate a better, more appropriate price structure. Institutions have no motivation to strive to get better pricing for incarcerated offenders.

Inmates are able to make purchases via an institutional commissary or canteen, usually on a weekly basis. Friends and family place money in an inmate’s institutional trust account. The inmate can then utilize those funds to make purchases from the commissary or canteen. Unfortunately, the inmate is faced with products that are sold at higher prices than what is found in the “real world.”

In recent months, an ever increasing number of relatives and friends of incarcerated men and women are becoming concerned with the business practices of the Keefe Group, reports the Tampa Bay Times. These individuals are banding together to effect change in regard to the operations of the Keefe Group, particularly the company’s pricing practices in commissaries and canteens at North American correctional facilities. The sincere hope of these individuals is that there will be power in numbers and that they will be able to break some of the monopolistic practices of the Keefe Group.