IC Solutions is more than just a prison phone service

IC Solutions is well known as a provider of low cost telephone services to inmates in state prisons and local jails. However they also offer an entire suite of products which are designed to ensure prisons operate safely and smoothly. These tools help prison staff to do their jobs, automating some tasks completely and even extending capabilities that prison staff wouldn’t otherwise have. Many of these tools use cutting edge technologies to allow staff to harness the same powerful capabilities found on the battlefield and in executive suites.

From urban warfare to gang warfare

One of the most interesting, and effective technologies that IC Solutions offers is its Stingray system for controlling illicit cell phones within institutional walls. Unauthorized cell phone use poses an existential threat to institutions and staff. This may sound hyperbolic, but as recent riots at San Quentin, Pelican Bay and other institutions, as well as brutal deaths of staff indicate, it is a problem of utmost concern to every brave man and woman who works within a prison.

IC Solutions has thus developed a civilian version of the battle-tested Stingray signal interdiction software. The Stingray system first made its appearance on the urban battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan in the mid 2000s. It proved enormously effective at intercepting enemy communication. The system evolved to the point where it could pinpoint the location of any cell phone, tell the user how many phones are on the network and even spoof phone calls.

Today IC Solution’s own patented version of Stingray prevents gang leaders from administering criminal enterprises from their cells. The technology has demonstrably saved many lives. Orders for “green lights”, or contract hits, have been intercepted before they could be carried out.

Products like this are the reason IC Solutions.com maintains its position at the forefront of the prison safety and optimization industry.