Global Tel-Link Is a Large Prison Phone Company

One of the most profitable industries that most people do not know about involves companies that supply phone service to prisons around the United States. As you might imagine, prisons need to have a special phone system in place. Companies such as industry leader GTL provide the means for each inmate in the prisons they service to have their own prepaid phone account. They can use it to make calls whenever they desire. The prisoner can put money into the account when their balance gets too low. This is typically how most prisons manage their phone systems.

Global Tel-Link has risen to become one of the most prominent of the prison phone suppliers. According to PR Newswire, they have been able to do this by implementing business practices that many of their critics consider to be highly unethical. That having been said, they have never been charged with a crime. They abide by all of the current laws and Federal Communications Commission regulations. The main thing that the media and the families of inmates have a problem with is the high price that Global Tel Link charges for their services. In some cases, the price of making a simple phone call is cost prohibitive for many inmates. Therefore, many people believe that serious changes need to be made to the way that the prison phone industry is being managed.

The core of the problem is the fact that each prison only has a single company providing its phone service. This lack of competition obviously opens the door for prison phone companies to do exactly what they are doing. They are charging ridiculously high rates because they know they are the only game in town, reveals My3Cents reviews. Global Tel-Link and their various competitors are all capitalizing on the inadequacies of United States law as it pertains to the prison phone industry.

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