Who Told Global Tel-Link it was Okay to Steal to Boost Profits?

Global Tel Link is a leading inmate communication company. It is one of the most competitive and successful companies in the industry. It just launched its first move into the future as it began to install new smart technology to help inmates and their families communicate. The technology gives inmates an opportunity to email, text, and video chat. It might seem like everything is going great at Global Tel-Link’s headquarters, but the truth is far from that.

Getting Dirty

I got wind of this company through one of my friends who wanted to find out more about communicating with representatives of our state. She knew that I have always been involved in politics, and she came across information on topclassactions.com regarding Global Tel-Link. It seemed that the company added fees and minutes to bills. She wanted to make sure that the governor of the state knew of her discontent and concern that a company was stealing from people.

My friend showed me a few bills that proved that fees and minutes were padded. She called the GTL, and they denied everything. I gave her everything she needed and hoped for the best.

Digging Deeper

There was no way I was going to ignore this, so I began to do my own research. I knew nothing of this company but did find out from globaltellinkreviews.com that the business made a fortune by setting up telephone services in prisons. This was done by drawing up a contract with different prisons. It was obvious that many prisons forced Global Tel-Link to give up most of their profits to get the contracts.

This was the reason why Global Tel-Link and companies like it began to charge people such high rates. They needed to make up what they were losing. I do not see why the people need to pay for their losses. It seems like the company was still making a profit. The problem is the people running GTL wanted more. That just tells me that companies like Global Tel-Link are just greedy.

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