Get Stellar Inmate Calls With The Keefe Group

The Keefe Group is well known for being a part of the trusted American Correctional Association (ACA). They have been proudly serving their customers since 1975 and one of the largest packaging services for inmates in the industry. Experience organic all-natural food products, clothing items, and inmate calls. They are safely monitored to protect the general public according to government mandate. Rest assured, you communicate over a secure line with far less dropped calls. Their services are chosen 10 to 1, over their competitors. You’ll never want to go back to your former inmate calling network because of all the money you’ll save.

They offer exclusive and trusted brands including Hostess and Market Square Bakery. The Keefe Group has all the products and services that an inmate needs at the right size and an amazing price. Choose from a list of items that are listed on their website. Inmates have the option of choosing the best shampoo, conditioner, roast beef, tuna, and seafood. They also have a selection of products for Hispanic inmates that will accommodate their specific cuisine. Say goodbye to eating the regular food that is served at a facility by utilizing the packaging services provided by the Keefe Group. Read more news on Tampa Bay Times.

Keefe Group Items

– Lotion

– Shaving products

– Vitamins

– Conditioners

– Supplements

– Shoes

– Mouthwash

and more…

The Keefe Group is one of the first inmate packaging providers to offer their customer electronics. You now have the option of sending an inmate a tablet that allows them to play games and play music. In fact, you can learn more about their tablet from their website. If you’re interested in knowing how much money you have on your books, you can use their kiosk system that will give you immediate information on an inmate account. Learn more on STL Today about Keefe Group.

You’re invited to become a part of the Keefe Group by visiting their exclusive website today.

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