An Outstanding Business Called Keefe

There’s a lot to say of the Keefe Group, LLC., and the interesting industry they’re in. Not many businesses can boast of offering premier services to correctional facilities. Name two, and I would be surprised. This only means that the few groups who service corrections, like the Keefe Group, have a stronghold in their own markets.

The needs of correctional facilities are the same as for any self-sustaining facility and military base. This means that supplies and resources should enable administrators to offer as many provisions as possible and without having “a-lack-thereof” during emergencies.

But though Keefe owns such a large market, the bulk of their contracts are through affiliated vendors. Here’s how all of it works. The company first analyzes the needs of corrections. It then consolidates, through the business vendors it owns, how it can connect its supply to the needs of correctional facilities.

At the current state, the needs of correctional facilities are in technology and food products; special needs for electronics, telecommunication implements and personal care solutions. This short list is more exhaustive than it seems. When broken down as separate categories, the list is much more expansive.

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This enables the Keefe Group to provide snacks, meals and even a nutritional plan for inmates. Those needs alone can be broken down further and to maximize what Keefe Group provides for facilities across the USA. What we eventually find are provision with inmate clothing, things like radios and personal hygiene.

This keeps the Keefe Group busy as you can imagine.

That’s because, unlike most affiliate associations, the affiliates that Keefe uses are its own. You can find each listed as Keefe Commissary Network, its Supply Co., its Access Corrections, its Access Surepak, its ICSoultion, its standing as the U.S.’s major food suppler and its Advanced Technologies Group.

The organization is nothing short of a strong monopoly but legally divided into affiliates that self-govern themselves under one large umbrella known as the Keefe Group, LLC. The leverage this group has enables it to provide items like TVs, batteries and even personal needs in footwear.

The group started in 1975 as a leader in the market of correctional organizations that house inmates and that are responsible for the well-being of the same. Read more about Keefe Group on Prison Censorship.