Telmate Communications – Offering Low-Quality Service that Continues to Deteriorate

The inmate communications industry is highly competitive and there are many companies that are operating in the market. However, one of the companies that made a huge name when it first started is Telmate Communications. The company was established in the year 1998 with the aim to help inmates communicate with their friends and relatives with the help of advanced technology. However, lately, the company has been receiving a lot of negative reviews and feedback online because the company has not been able to focus on research and development as it should. Even though the company claims to be the best in the business, the negative reviews of the customers speak otherwise.



Telmate Communications’ services have been deteriorating in the last few years, which are now getting to the point of unbearable for many of its customers. People are adding amounts multiple times to their calling cards to make calls, and even making the refund request. But, the customer service of Telmate Communications refuse to listen to the problems of the customers and instead of finding a solution, they only aggravate the problem. Many of the customers have complained about the rude behaviour of the customer service executive and how they would simply refuse any valid arguments about the refunds.



Telmate Communications has been keeping silent over the matters raised by the customers in the public forum. It is high time that the company focuses on research and development and improve the solutions and services they offer. It is because innovation is what would pave the way for the company’s future. In a service based industry, it is important for the company to provide exceptional customer service to win the customers’ trust. However, Telmate Communications seems to be failing heavily in this department.



Inmates and their families have to suffer the consequences of the poor service provided by Telmate Communications. Many of the customers are trying to raise their concerns online as well as with the concerned authorities, but so far nothing much has happened to rectifying this situation. Telmate Communications has gotten complacent over the years with its services, and it is clearly visible in the pace their customers are switching to other companies.