IC Solutions: They Have No Love For Their Customers

There are probably a lot of people reading this that have never in their entire lives heard of IC Solutions, the inmate communications provider. If that is the case, they should consider themselves very lucky, as this is a company that has truly ruined lives and done a number on a lot of people. As an inmate communications provider, they are supposed to allow inmates to speak to anyone that wishes to call them up as they serve out their prison stay. This helps them as they battle the highs and lows of prison, which I imagine are mostly lows. The highs come from when they start to realize where their life went wrong and how they can go about fixing it and making it better.However, in order to reach that place, which, again, one can probably imagine takes a long time, they need some help. As with anything in life, it takes a full team of people helping one another. It can’t just be one person, especially in a difficult environment.

Customers are not at all pleased with IC Solutions. In fact, IC Solutions has found themselves on Pissed Consumer quite a bit. On the link that was provided, they are rated 1.4 out of 5 based on 61 reviews, which says a lot about the company.People have spoken about the company and what they have to say about the company is not very good. They are not making this up and they are not looking for any sort of attention. In reality, all they are looking for is a chance to speak to an inmate that could be a brother, a friend, or even a husband. If they have paid the price to do so, the high price I might add, why are they being denied that basic human right by IC Solutions?