Serious Online Complaints Have Been Made Against Telmate

Telmate is one of the major providers in the field of phone services for inmates located in the United States. There have been a lot of online posts regarding the services they provide and many of them have been extremely negative. One gentleman in particular feels they need to properly train their staff and is extremely dissatisfied with their services.


Apparently the problem began when he was unable to make a deposit on his sons account because it had been flagged. This was due to an individual using a card that had not been approved. Although he understood the necessity of taking care of the situation he can’t understand why everyone’s credit and debit cards are being blocked from adding funds to the account. After he called Telmate and spoke to a supervisor he was even more confused. He felt he was not given an accurate explanation and that the supervisor was reading from a book instead of answering his questions.


The gentleman is extremely frustrated and can’t understand the necessity of blocking the account and preventing anyone from making a deposit because of one card. Unfortunately his only other option is to use Telmate’s kiosk machine but state the machine is always broken. He is afraid to try a money gram to send money to Telmate due to the block on his sons account. Telmate is the only company who provides service in his area and is adamant that they need to change their current policies and provide better training for their employees.


Another dissatisfied customer filed a complaint for a loss of $34.20. They had used the services of Telmate to make a deposit in a commissary account at the Kootenai Jail. Although Telmate did take the funds out of the individuals bank account the money was never posted to the account of the inmate. The online post claimed Telmate is taking no accountability for the problem. The customer was referred to a number at the Kootenai County jail and although they have called the number numerous times the phone is never answered. The customer feels their deposit and service fee have both been stolen and unless they obtain legal representation they will not be able to get their money back.