IC Solutions: Are You Surprised?

IC Solutions is an inmate communications provider, which is something that not a lot of people are familiar with in the first place. First and foremost, that is OK, as I was not familiar with this process either. It is a inmate communications provider, as mentioned, which allows inmates to speak to family and friends over the telephone for a price. Since someone is in prison, it is not exactly like they can pay for the phone call or do anything in this regard. Because of this, they need help from their family and friends. The family and friends pay for the phone call and after they have paid, they are allowed to speak to the inmate. On the surface, it sounds cut and dry.However, IC Solutions as noted by many people on Pissed Consumer is not making things cut and dry. They are making them very, very complicated. That is because they know they have the customers right where they want them, and they love that fact.

That is something that brings them great joy and great happiness. They love to be in a position of power. When they are in a position of power, they hold all of the cards.The price of the phone call is something that people have taken umbrage with and I can’t blame them. There is no need to charge this high of a price. They look at it as supply and demand. If you want to speak to an inmate, pay this price. They are not in the mood for customer service or making the customer happy. That is very, very low on their list of priorities. It shows how far gone they are and all of the many things wrong with this company, which is quite a laundry list. It is depressing to read and hear about it, but people deserve to know.