Telmate Inmate Telephone Services

Telmate is a leader in providing inmate communication services with a central vision of creating innovative technologies that reduce recidivism and increase secure connections between family and inmates. Recent studies have shown that the more an inmate is in communication with the outside world the higher the chances of reform. Telmate strives to make communication among these parties convenient, affordable and positive.


When we make it harder for incarcerated people to stay in touch with their family members, friends and the community as a whole brings more harm than good. Affordable phone calls are directly related to the safety of the community. This has been endorsed by various associations and the Congress.


Telmate technology is located in San Francisco, California. They have 24-hour call Centre in Ontario and a vast staff base in Canada and US. Telmate provides inmate entertainment, messaging, photo sharing, video visits, video visits and phone calls in more than 200 centers in Canada. It facilitates over 20 million data requests. Telmate investigator inquiries recordings and downloads. Telmate is a leader in installed secure inmate wireless gadgets.


Not only are they a profit making company but they are also charitable in programs such as Telmate Heroes, Telmate Heroes, and Telmate Cares. It has worked very side by side with Girls and Boys Club of Western Valley and was also fortunate enough to serve as a badge of Honor Partner at the National LAW Enforcement Offices.


Telmate is a combination of 10 successful reliable and innovative technologies that strive to control and secure efficient communication in inmate facilities. They are committed to honoring and supporting those at the forefront in law enforcement and correction. Their responsibility is to ensure that inmates get out of prison and stay out of prison. Their customers have options on how to perform various activities. They aim to deliver to customers by moving quickly to customer feedback and decisions that will affect them in the future. Their growth has been through close relationships with their customers, who are the best example that what Telmate is doing is working. Telmate looks forward to better serving its clients.