How Greedy Global Tel-Link Is Perpetuating Injustice

Recently, a lot of people have been raising alarm bells about the business practices of a telephony company called Global Tel-Link (GTL). A major player in the inmate communications industry, GTL provides paid telephony services for millions of jail inmates who have no other telephone options. Regrettably, GTL exploits their captive customer base. GTL’s per-minute rates are extremely exploitative. I hope that the FCC will act to rein in GTL’s clear excesses. It is unconscionable that this company is exploiting some of the most vulnerable members of society.


Until the correctional communications industry is more thoroughly regulated, inmates will languish. These individuals deserve better from society. I believe that when GTL gouges inmates, this undermines the presumption of innocence that is fundamental for a fair legal system. After all, a substantial percentage of imprisoned inmates are defendants who have not been convicted of crimes. According to our laws and traditions, these individuals are supposed to be presumed innocent until proven guilty. By cutting financially disadvantaged defendants off from telephone communications, GTL may well help undermine the foundations of our system.


Tragically, I have noticed that some of the people most impacted by GTL’s pricing are inmates’ families. After all, many inmates rely on their law-abiding relatives to pay for their phone time. It is especially heartbreaking to think of the children that are unable to speak with their parents. I really hope that responsible parties will do what they can to reform the inmate communications sector. After all, we all agree in principle that inmates have a right to communicate with the outside world. Fortunately, it seems that quite a few news organizations are raising the alarm about GTL’s crass practices. Over time, concerned citizens and journalists will shine as they protest GTL’s pricing. I believe the time for change is now.


Gainesville businessmen admit paying bribes to Florida prison officials

Two businessmen based in Gainesville were arraigned in court for allegations that they dealt in massive corruption deals with the Florida state prison officials to secure business in the industry. Because the federal commission had enough evidence that could work against them, they pleaded guilty. They were both told to come after two months for a detailed hearing of the case to determine their personality charges. The two officials were also charged for engaging in corruption deals with the Keefe Food Group corruption as a way of developing new business clients in the industry. Aside from issuing paybacks to the state officials who granted them the business operational signature, they went on to develop a new way of business to issue Keefe Food Group Company with kickbacks because they allowed them to operate on their land. This means that Keefe Food Group Company has monopolized the inmate system with a wide range of solutions that cannot be capacitated in the industry.


The 38-year-old Joseph Arthur also appeared at the federal court on Wednesday. He was charged with corruption deals for issuing kick-backs to the Florida state prison officials in exchange of business deals. He was also charged with issuing kickbacks to other companies such as Keefe Food Group for an alliance that is meant to destroy the business deal going on in the inmate industry. He was also provided with a detailed evidence that could work for better business in a manner that is not capacitated for poor innovation strategies. James Crosby is one of the few people who never allow themselves to be known to the public for their massive corruption deals. While this is true, this time he has been caught. The two prison officials who dealt in business with the two Gainesville-based business men were laid off duty to pave way for further investigation.


The 64-year-old Edward Lee Dugger also entered the same plea after being arraigned in the same court to face the same charges with his business partner. Both men are expected to face their sentence in July. According to the federal commission, Crosby befriended the two businessmen in because he was rising in ranks at work.


IC Solutions: You Never Know What to Expect

The term you never know what to expect can be a good thing at times, but in other cases, it can be a bad thing. It is very, very bad when discussing the company IC Solutions, an inmate phone provider. Customers pay for a prepaid plan to speak to an inmate they know and love behind bars. It also works for therapists that are wishing to speak to an inmate and the family has requested it. They need that phone call in ways a lot of people would never fully understand. Keep in mind, I’ve never been in prison, but I have been in the hospital. When you feel trapped or you feel like there is no way out, you crave any kind of human interaction with the people that know you the best and love you the most and learn more about IC Solutions.

IC Solutions, though, is looking at this and they are seeing this as a moneymaking opportunity. Now, don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with making money and wanting to make money. That is the goal of a lot of people out there. However, they know there is a proper way to make money and an improper way to make money. IC Solutions is doing it the improper way with high prices, lies, and overall fraud. It is a big reason why people are posting on Pissed Consumer and letting it all out: They need to have their voice be heard.

They feel as though if the right people hear their voice, it could really make a difference. Maybe they will be allowed to speak to the inmate and there will not be any issues or any problems along the way. That is the hopeful way to look at it and it is important to remain hopeful in troubling times and more information click here.

Telmate Makes Inmate’s Loved Ones Pay Excess Communications Charges

Inmate telephone services run the gamut from bad to very bad. Telmate is the latest prison telephone service to receive very bad reviews. Apparently, Telmate makes it difficult to add money to the inmate’s telephone account. They also charge you for 3-way calling if anyone in the immediate vicinity is using a tablet, computer or cell phone, whether they are part of the conversation or not. This system is also being utilized as a visitation vehicle. Most of the time, it is inoperable. People waste time and money attempting to visit loved ones only to have the system fail and the visit be cancelled. That results in much too much time wasted waiting around and money wasted on non-visits to inmates.


Every phone system the prisons employ seems fundamentally flawed. Are the officials that run the prisons corrupt or stupid? One of these explanations must apply. Why would they consistently find phone services and communications methods that simply don’t work? It’s as if they are saying to inmates and their families, “You don’t count.” It’s not important for you to communicate with the people that love or care for you.


In this country, we claim to treat prisons in a civil manner. Perhaps, we should be more truthful and say you committed a criminal act, now you will no longer have access to the free world. Telmate is just one more communications company that repeatedly fails to deliver on its basic operations premise. It claims to provide communications to strive to cut down on the prospect of criminal actions being planned over the wires. Instead, they confuse and complicate the basic communications between inmates and their family and friends by not processing payments properly and over charging their subscribers.


Telmate needs to correct to bugs in their system and get their pricing under control. Poor families are the ones most affected by incarceration. It’s their loved ones that can’t communicate with the outside world without having to pay exorbitant fees just to make a phone call. That money is paid by the families’ of inmates. That’s one more price they are forced to pay for the mistakes their loved ones made.


Telmate – Leading Providers of Inmate Communication Systems

Telmate provides reliable inmate communication systems such as video visits, tablets, content, investigator tools, phones, and more. The company was launched in 1998 and started running its operations as experts in the provision of inmate technology. During this time, Telmate operated under the name Pinnacle Public Services. Pinnacle Public Services was founded to offer professional installation services to leading solution providers of inmate communications across Northwest. Telmate’s experience led to the recognition of the requirement in the industry for finer inmate communications solutions; one that offers centers with most advanced security and technology, incorporated with immediate client service and repair.

Telmate employs its creative solutions to not only meet the changing expectations of the corrections sector but also to better operational efficiencies. Telmate offers inmate communications solutions to centers of all sizes. These facilities include State Department of Corrections centers, city jails, federal detention facilities, county correctional centers, and holding cells. The company’s largest record in history houses more than 18,000 convicts. Additionally, the firm has also been established in over 300 correctional centers in North America spreading almost all Canadian provinces and U.S. states. The company has been recognized in North America as the leading providers of inmate communication solutions due to the company’s innovations in inmate tablet, video, phone, offender tracking solutions. Telmate’s growth, unlike its competitors, has been entirely organic and due to close relationships fostered within the company’s customers.

The company’s mission is to develop a technology that is secure and strengthens prisoners to break the cycle of making them re-offend while serving and protecting centers in their community.

As a company, Telmate is driven by ideas and devoted to doing more development and research than any other individual or company serving the corrections sector. The company is redefining on the methods used by inmates to pass information with the people outside such as family, and friends. Moreover, the firm is offering people with a communications platform to assist them to stay in touch.

The organization has the responsibility of giving protection to the local community they offer their services to. Besides, Telmate is a results-driven company with targets that are agile but realistic for the benefit of the company and its partners, whatever the difficulty that might arise.


Global Tel-Link Has Remained Profitable

There are many companies that are involved in the prison phone industry. Some of these companies are more successful than others. Global Tel-Link has shown a remarkable ability to make large profits in this very competitive industry. The company has contracts to provide phone service to a wide range of prisons that are located throughout the United States. There are many inmates who have a problem with the way that Global Tel-Link has gone about making their money. They have become notorious for charging fees for their phone service that many people consider to be unreasonable.


Global Tel-Link has shown a great ability to market their services throughout the prison industry. They have been able to secure coveted and lucrative contracts with many large prisons that have many inmates. Prisons want to work with them because they have a great track record of having dependable service with very few outages. They have received their fair share of bad publicity due to the high rates that they are known for charging. However, all of the negative press has not stopped prisons from wanting to do business with them. They continue to rake in the cash and make a substantial profit every year.


The way that the prison phone industry is set up is very advantageous for the companies that provide the phone service. Each prison only works with a single phone provider. This means that the companies know the inmates are basically a captive audience. Global Tel-Link and other phone providers can charge whatever they want without any fear of repercussions. The industry is currently not regulated with the exception of a limit of 25 cents per minute that has been placed on calls made to other states. There are no other restrictions on what these companies are able to charge for their services.


How Telmate is Transforming Prison Communication

Being able to speak to an incarcerated loved one in a convenient and safe way used to be a challenge before. Today, the situation is different. With over a decade of inmate communication service delivery, Telmate has established itself as an important communication brand. The organization facilitates secure communication systems which include phone communication, investigative tools, and video visits. Marketwise, Telmate delivers to about 300 prisons in the United States and Canada.

Here is what Telmate facilitates:

  1. Simple, Flexible and Affordable Communication

Research shows that the more the inmate gets to communicate with their loved ones on the outside, the higher the chances of them reforming. In this case, they are less likely to commit the same or any crime in that matter. Telmate assures that the inmate gets positive communication influence from outside to facilitate their reform. The platform allows the convict to enjoy quality content from the outside world.

  1. Prison Security

Telmate understands that the correctional facilities may pose danger to the working staff, the inmate community, and the outside world. For this reason, the organization focuses on providing innovative technology that effectively increases prison security. The innovation also helps to keep the inmate and the facility secured.

  1. Appreciation of Law Enforcers

This has been possible through the following programs:

  • Telmate Heroes
  • Telmate Cares
  • Telmate Fallen Heroes

Through the programs, the company commits on honoring all individuals on the frontline of the correctional process. With the initiative, the police and other members of law enforcement can get appreciated for their endless sacrifice and service. Telmate focuses on everybody involved in bringing a difference in the prisons, directly or indirectly.

  1. Inmate Self-Reliance

Telmate focuses on encouraging the inmates about personal responsibility. The inmates are advised on how to stay out of jail through responsible living. The communication and education programs facilitate their reforming as legal, spiritual, and social awareness is enhanced.


The core principles of Telmate are protection, service, and correction. Their impact in prisons is of great help to the correctional facilities. The innovative services such as video visits and monitored calls create safe communication with your locked loved one. We can only expect more innovation from the brand.

IC Solutions: Check Your Bank Statement

IC Solutions is the kind of company that forces everyone and I do mean everyone to check their bank statements. If they were smart, they would be wise to do that especially after reading stories like this article. This is jarring and it is rattling, especially to me. The reason I say this is because I’ve never used IC Solutions, the inmate phone provider, just like the individual in the link. I don’t want to be charged for something I don’t want or need in the first place. Just like everyone out there, I need every penny I can get. I can’t afford to waste a dollar even.That is why stories of IC Solutions like this make me want to check my account early and often, so I know what is happening with it at all times.

Otherwise, I could find myself in a similar situation to this person where I might have to call my bank to report a fraud charge. That is exactly what this is and there is no getting around it. When money has been taken from someone’s account and he or she has not authorized the charge and in this person’s case, they don’t even know what it is, that is fraud to the highest degree. As a matter of fact, it is the highest degree of fraud. IC Solutions keeps getting away with it and I hope it ends very soon.They are on Pissed Consumer and they are rated a low 1. This is based on over 60 reviews. They are also here as even a parent and child are not safe from the wrath of IC Solutions. I don’t think anyone is safe, which is why people need to be aware at all times and be ready for anything.

Politicians Don’t Care That Global Tel-Link is Ruining People’s Lives!

Do you know who are a bunch of bums? Whoever runs Global Tel-Link, that’s who!They take advantage of people who are in between a rock and a hard place by giving phone bills that are too high for inmate phone calls. Virtually nobody cares about inmates or their families, so Global Tel-Link can get away with this crap. There aren’t too many people sticking up for the needs of inmates and their loved ones. There aren’t really any well-known celebrities who are openly taking up this issue. It is as if nobody cares. There aren’t any well known social media campaigns talking about this issue. Politicians from all sides are not making this a priority. For those people who like to talk a lot of trash about our current president Trump out of some grudge that they feel for him, here is what I say: Hillary didn’t push this issue, either! She doesn’t seem to care, either! There are no big press conferences where you hear politicians talk about the problem of families being charged high prices and put into debt over phone calls to prisons. There has been a lot of talk about the rights of transgender people—which are very important—but, frankly, there are more people in America who fall within the demographic of either being imprisoned or having an imprisoned loved one than the demographic of being transgender. However, the rights of transgender people are being pushed while nobody is saying a word about the human rights of inmates and loved ones of inmates!


Global Tel-Link is the most obvious entity to blame, but it is highly ignorant to just blame Global Tel-Link because a lot of business people, facilities and politicians have a stake in the the profits that are raked in by ruining people’s lives, financially.


IC Solutions: Unlikable and Crude

There is no need to play nice here or pretend. It is how IC Solutions likes to play it, but we don’t need to stoop to their level. IC Solutions is a horrendous company and a company that needs to be put out of business as soon as possible. The longer they are around, they are like a cancer and they are only growing and spreading. It is getting worse and it is not getting better. When someone has to deal with IC Solutions, it is terminal for them. As an inmate phone provider, they don’t do anything in the way of providing.In my years of dealing with random companies, banks, Internet companies, you name it, one of the things that has always driven me up a wall and made me very upset is service fees.

I’ve always tried to talk my way out of them or get them to wave them. There is really no need for them. It is just another way for a company to make money. Wouldn’t you know it? IC Solutions, has plenty of service fees and they also expire. Again, this is another moneymaking loophole on their part. It is clear as day and the customers are well aware of it.If there is another thing I can’t stand, it is bad customer service. As they often say, it takes a lot more energy to be negative and mean than it does to be nice. However, these are people with big egos that think their crap doesn’t stink. Because of this, they believe they can talk to and treat the customers however they see fit. Do they feel better for picking on these families? Does it make them feel like they are tough? In my eyes, it shows they are weak and they are lousy human beings.