How Telmate Has Become A Leading Provider of Inmate Communications Services

Telmate is one of the most successful inmate communication services providers in the US. For over ten years, the firm has gained the reputation of providing fair-priced and reliable inmate phone calls. It prides itself in offering a secure phone system and monitored telecommunications services that not only increase connections but also keep users secure.


Since its establishment, Telmate has endeavored to provide world-class solutions through the use of Voice over Internet Protocol technology (VoIP). The company’s system is web-based and easy to use, something that makes day to day operations simpler. The use of technology in all facets of its services has enabled Telmate to tailor-make its services to suit the needs of inmates and the facilities that they are held in.


Services Offered


Besides inmate communications, Telmate offers an array of other high-end services including inmate content, facility control, and facility operations. The company recognizes that to keep inmates safe and secure, there is need to monitor their communications. Therefore, all calls are monitored in real time. Facility control solutions provided by the firm are aimed at process and workflow automation. This helps reduce the workload of prison authorities.


Telmate similarly offers ultra-modern community corrections services, which are smartphone-based. This mainly targets offenders who have been admitted to probation and community service programs. This product helps corrections personnel to monitor offenders who are on parole, pre-trial, work release, or probation.


The company has also made a name for itself by being a pioneer as far as prison kiosks are concerned. It offers access point services aimed at attaining operational efficiencies. By managing kiosks in prisons, the company has similarly been able to minimize cash handling besides enhancing identity verification. This also promotes self-service accounting and predictive analytics.


What Drive’s Telmate?


Telmate has grown incredibly despite its late entrance into the inmate communications industry. Its core principles are community protection, connecting inmate and their loved ones, improvement of personal responsibility, and community service. The firm has also been steadfast in its CSR activities by supporting various community based initiatives across the US. Its CSR initiatives include the Fallen Heroes Program, Telmate Cares, and Telmate Heroes.