IC Solutions: Show Me Something To Like

I have a challenge for anyone that is reading this article: find me something to like about IC Solutions, the inmate telephone company. Can you do it? Have you looked all over the Internet and come up empty? That is likely the case. That is because there is not a single thing to like about the company that has made a home for itself on websites like Pissed Consumer and Rip Off Report.In my view, this is one of those things that not enough people are talking about on the news. I don’t know why people are not talking about it, but they should be talking about it and they should be talking about it right now. There is no time to waste and no time to delay. The time to fight back against this company was yesterday not today.

They have a single job to do and they can’t even do that job well, which is to allow inmates to speak to family, friends, and loved ones over the telephone. As far as the part where they collect money from them, they have that part down to a science. They are masters at that. They have collected a lot of money from a lot of people. As far as how many phone calls have actually gone through, that is a whole different story. Not many have gone through because IC Solutions knows that people are going to keep trying to get through, no matter what. They know the more that people call and the more that people put up their money to speak to inmates, the richer they are going to get in their pockets. They have mastered this game, although it is not a game to anyone at this point. It is real life.