The High Cost of Calling the Imprisoned

Global Tel-Link is one of the most corrupt companies working towards solving the problems the inmates are undergoing in the industry. GTL is a telecommunications provider based in the United States. The company also offers a wide range of communication services in more than 66-0 state and federal prison facilities in and out of the United States. When the company was founded, no one knew they could amass benefits from dealing with achieved business solutions. This is perhaps the reason why they are seeking advanced tickets for a massive elections campaign. Global Tel-Link has exploited many people with their expensive calling rates.


According to their reviews in the industry, the company has taken over almost all the federal and state prison setups due to their capabilities in advanced business solutions. We are also meant to think that the company issues kickbacks and bribes to get their contracts signed in the prison setups. While this is true, few people have achieved the best through activated business capabilities in a manner that is not paralleled in the industry. Ms. Anthony Kofalt, whose husband was imprisoned after stealing products from the Walmart Supermarket, spends more than $60 for a 15-minute call to the inmate industry. This is one of the most expensive calming rates in the industry. While this remains true, we need to formulate better ways of achieving success through active business solutions.


The aim of writing this article is to assimilate many people to rally against Global Tel-Link. This is because the company is stealing money from the people. Once a person charges their account with credit, they will not use the money if they are not looking for better business solutions. Perhaps this is the reason why they are seeking to achieve their independence from the industry. We need to send Global Tel-Link home before it causes more harm.