Global Tel-Link Is Leaving Inmates Penniless

Global Tel-Link has been vilified for many years for repeatedly overcharging the inmates being housed in prisons they provide phone service to. However, this unethical business may be causing a much bigger problem than making it more difficult for inmates to afford calls to their family members. The fees that Global Tel-Link charges are so high that inmates being released from prison have no money when they finally hit the streets. This creates a problem that puts both the general public and the inmates themselves at risk. Inmates with no money for food, clothing, housing and transportation will often resort to their old criminal ways in order to survive. Therefore, there will be more crime for the general public to deal with. It is also only a matter of time until the inmates are picked up and sent back to their familiar prison cell.


The added potential for parolees committing crimes as a result of being drained of their cash by Global Tel-Link has once again put the spotlight on one of the nation’s largest providers of phone service to prisons. What can be done to stop this cycle? It appears that nothing short of an intervention from the Federal Communications Commission will be able to change the way that Global Tel-Link operates. As of right now, they have not broken any laws. A lack of regulation allows prison phone providers to determine their own rates. This has resulted in a situation where many inmates spend all of the little money they have just so they can hear the voices of their loved ones who are unable to visit the prison. It is clear that something needs to be done. Prisoners are being set free every day with no money to fend for themselves. Meanwhile, Global Tel-Link continues to make massive profits.