Stop Expensive Inmate Calling With IC Solutions

Choose elite inmate calling with the reliable IC Solutions network. Are you currently experiencing a network who refuses to put your priorities first? Choose a network with great prices chosen $4 to $1 over their competitors. When staying connected over a reliable network is important you will be glad to be a part of their network. Get cheaper calls with superior quality because their innovative features help their customers save. They are committed to the highest level of quality assurance. You can find all of their features, and services clearly listed on their website.

IC Solutions Features

Enjoy great features with IC Solutions including their very popular tablet access feature allowing inmates to download mp3’s, downloads, and participate in approved video visits. You can get this feature off their website, or directly from an inmates commissary. They can also download games directly from their room. In fact, more customers are choosing to visit inmates securely over the internet instead of communicating to a correctional facility. If you’re on an inmates visiting list, eighteen years of age or older, and have a valid payment method you can visit online today.You’re invited to discuss your new, or existing account with an experienced IT professional today.