Telmate Company’s Wakeup Call

Many companies are providing technology to the correctional services. This is to ensure that the inmates can keep in touch with their relatives. This facilitates their reforming process. The compassion that the people show them gives the willingness to transform into better people and join them outside. Telmate Company has been among the companies that have been actively playing this role in the society. This has, however, become a challenge lately. The company seems not to be in bad shape.

Telmate Company’s customer care service seems to be a mess. Many complaints have been filed, following the responses they get when inquiring about issues.

One client says that she has an issue with his husband’s account. She deposited money, but she still cannot make calls. When she called Telmate, they told her that her card was invalid. This was not true because she was using the card in other activities. She also confirmed with her service provider that the card was valid. They have been giving her different inapplicable reasons since then. She further expresses her disappointment with the system says that they are still charging her money, while she is even unable to utilize the money that she already has.

Another person says that the company flagged his son’s account because someone used a wrong card. When she tried using money gram, which is the other alternative it was still flagged. She tried her final option, which is their kiosk. Unfortunately, this doesn’t seem to ever been in use.

That is not all. Besides the customer’s complaints; there are complaints from fellow competitors. Securus Technologies filed a case against Telmate. This is because of violation of business ethics. Securus allegedly accused Telmate of publishing false information on the company. This was to attract customers on their end and to deprive off the Securus Technologies customers.

Telmate Company needs to re-organize their system. Training their employees would be a good place to start. They also need to ensure that their system is structured in a way that one flaw does not affect the whole system of the clients. With this flaws, it is not playing its purpose in the society.


GTL Seeks To Lower Inmates’ Call Rates For Ease Of Communication

In the field of correctional communication, Global Tel Link is among the best service providers. The high-tech communications company prides itself on being a leading service provider of its kind. When addressing issues of communication in the industry, GTL has categorically set itself apart as a company that focuses on some of the best gadgets. Often, GTL has been in the news headlines for all the good reasons such as coming up with technological devices that can help inmates in their lives. GTL understands that will strong communications channels, prisoners are likely to reform. That is why since its establishment, the company has continued to develop several communications gadgets.




GTL is not your typical company. The services provided cannot be matched to any other that a conventional company can offer. GTL thrives on its focus to develop prisoner’s world by allowing them to have a feeling of what the real world entails. GTL is focus-driven and goal-oriented. The company is qualified to offer its services in education, government and payment services. Often has this been linked to the development of more, better, advanced communications channels. GTL values its clients. That is perhaps why the company continues to rank at the top of the ever-transitioning industry.


The conclusion


For GTL, a lot is at stakes. There is more work to be done in terms of revolutionizing the industry. Most importantly, the company has been thriving on the fact that it’s advocating for lower calling rates for inmates. GTL believes that with low rates of calling, most inmates will access communication channels. For GTL, the focus is most importantly, on connecting prisoners, friends and families. With lower call rates, this will be possible. It is for that reason that GTL continues to establish strong communication platforms by using modern gadgets.


Keefe Group Commitment To Deliver Quality Services To Correctional Centers That Help The Inmates

For those who have tight schedules that they do not even have adequate time to leave their offices for meals, then they must have used the services of food service deliveries. For a long time, Keefe Group has been the lead food supplier all over the USA. They take part in ensuring quality services to correctional centers which include services like delivering electronics, clothing, communications solutions and software needs since the year 1975.

Why Commitment to the Correction Facilities

Keefe Group has been serving all their clients without favor recognizing that inmates are human beings too who deserve quality services in their effort to reform. This is why they decided to serve the correction facilities by offering lasting solutions customized for the needs of the facilities which include: financial services, inmate footwear, management systems meant for use by the jail management, computer solutions for varied uses within the facilities. Keefe Group also delivers game equipment, entertainment and communication solutions needed at these correction centers.

Due to their commitment to delivering quality services, the Keefe Group has won many tenders in providing quality and affordable services to correctional facilities. One of them is the commissary services contract which they secured in the year 2008. The system enables the inmates to receive money intended to help them acquire personal hygiene services like combs or the candy bars which are provided through the supervision of the correctional facilities management. The inmates can receive the money from the family members who wish to help them in the reform process.

Although the system had received some challenges at some time, it has made remarkable benefits to the inmate. These services are basic, and no one can survive without them. Sometimes the correctional facilities do not have adequate funds to offer every single service to the inmates. This is the reason why they need to receive some help from their families, and the Keefe Group run commissary system have made this possible thus helping many inmates transform in the right way.


The Service Provider Telmate

Telmate Company is a service company which offers services in the customer service, listing of telephone numbers and corporate listing. The company is situated in the United States of America. Telmate Company provides information about consumers and rates the customers that have used the company’s services.



The Telmate Company has offered information about companies that are successful in the market from state prisons. The company has been able to address the conflicts of interests affecting the institutions. Preparations have been conducted regarding the contracts that are being signed at the institution.



The company has shown how contracts are awarded to companies with the largest amount of revenue generated from calls. Initially, the contracts should be awarded to telephone companies offering the best service or charging their respective customers the lowest rates when they are using their network.



Telmate Company has produced the report in order to expose federal communications that are banning commissions. This is aimed to reduce the rates charged for individuals in correctional facilities. The report has encouraged the local authorities who offer contracts, regulators of the state and the federal commission to have a glimpse of the practices that are going on at the institutions.



The report suggests that the society is related to affordable telephone calls. The communication enables activities to be undertaken well in the society reducing malpractices. Government and private institutions are losing opportunities due to the malpractices going on at the institution. The involved institutions that have been harboring profits include the American Bar Association, legislatures of the state and regulatory agencies.



The report suggests that people in the correctional facilities have the right to speak to their family members but are limited with the high telephone cost charges. The report further exposes that calls coming from correctional facilities are paid by family members. The calls are set up by a private telephone company which pays collectively for the calls or after the calls have been done.



The report suggests that reforms have to be conducted at the institution to curb the malpractices that are being conducted. The high commission which is being paid by the private companies leads to an increase in the calling rate per minute which is a disadvantage to other users. The prices offered in correctional facilities have a greater impact on the population.


IC Solutions: They are Cold

In life, it is important that we follow the golden rule. As a matter of fact, I would argue it is the most important rule out there. We need to follow it, stick with it, and make sure we are being good to one another. When we are good to one another, good things happen for us. IC Solutions is not following the golden rule and good things are still happening for them. It bothers me. It feels like the bad guys are winning and in life, the bad guys should not win. They should be losing left and right. After all, rules were put in place for a reason. If we didn’t follow rules, the world would be total and utter chaos.

IC Solutions is a company that is making news all over the Internet. As a matter of fact, if you Google them, you will find a lot of unsavory material on them. It is scary stuff, as a matter of fact. They have ripped off parents, for one thing. Now, when a parent is trying to reach their child that is behind bars, they are in a desperate situation. If there is one thing that IC Solutions loves, it is a desperate situation.

They are like sharks in the water that smell blood ( They go right after it and they do not hold a single thing back. You have to wonder what kind of people they are and how they are able to function in their day-to-day lives. Most people would feel terrible about this and some sort of regret. It seems like IC Solutions just keeps on trucking without paying attention to this sort of thing, at all. It’s really heartbreaking for the inmates and their families as they are just looking to keep their head above water during these difficult times they are experiencing.

Wasting Money Every Week

Unfortunately, my father is in prison. We write letters sometimes, but phone calls keep us both going until his release date. Global Tel is the company that the prison uses to allow inmates to make phone calls. There are a few good things about Global Tel, but most of the experience that I’ve had with the company is bad. The customer service representatives are rude and don’t want to help you at all. Phone calls end abruptly halfway through the allotted time. I had to set up an account with the company to accept phone calls, and there was a significant fee that I had to pay just for adding money.


Each time I add money to the account, I must pay a small fee. Some people might not think a lot about this fee, but when you must pay it every week, the money tends to add up to a point that I could get gas for my car or food for my kids. I don’t mind paying the money, but Global Tel Link should come up with other ways of handling the company instead of making people pay so much money just to talk on the phone for a few minutes.


IC Solutions

IC Solutions

IC Solutions is one of the most popular inmate calling companies in the country. IC Solutions has designed a company that offers services to help inmates and their loved ones stay in touch. Families have the option to create different types of accounts. The company also assists families in purchasing different phone services, using the voice message feature, and using the video feature for face to face chatting.The company is partnered with Access Corrections. This partnership gives families the chance to send attachments such as emails and photos through a specialized MP3 program. Funds can also be put into the commissary account of the location of your family member. The main mission of these companies is to make sure that you stay in contact with your family member. Listed below are some of the services offered:

  1. Financial Account (prepaid)
  2. Video Chatting
  3. Deposits to Commissary
  4. Option to send mail and photographs

Paying for IC Solutions

IC Solutions understands that every family is at a different place financially. There are a variety of different payment plans set up to ensure you and your family can still communicate at an affordable price.

Customer Support

IC Solutions has an excellent support team that is there to meet all of your needs. The team can be reached 24 hours a day. There is a customer service number, as well as an email address for your convenience.To find out more about IC Solutions, take a few moments to browse their website. There is also an FAQ page that may answer any questions you may have.

Telmate and Modern Communication Devices

Telmate LLC is a company that works hard to change the large world of inmate communications. It’s a business that’s equipped with a full decade of experience. The professionals who work for Telmate know a lot about state of the art technologies that encourage maximum control, security, safety and efficiency. Telmate is known for creating inmate communication tools that are dependable and safe. It comes up with exciting systems that delve into content, video visitation, investigative devices, tablets and telephones. It accommodates more than 300 correctional centers in locations all over both Canada and the United States. It’s a powerhouse in the North American correctional facilities universe. The firm is based in Fruitland, Idaho.


The employees at Telmate strive to accomplish many different things on a daily basis. They aim to enhance mental wellness and health by giving inmates access to in-depth spiritual assistance, legal guidance and Internet education. They aim to defend communities with the assistance of strong investigative and verification devices. They work hard to make it a lot easier for friends and family members to be able to get in touch with inmates. Solid communication and interaction can benefit security in considerable ways.


People who want insight into correction matters can learn a lot from the Telmate team. These team members understand all components that relate to inmate communications, facility operations, facility control and inmate content. They have substantial insight that pertains to community corrections in general. They can give people invaluable information that involves monitoring software products of all varieties. Telmate focuses on monitoring software products that include a broad assortment of helpful and contemporary features. Some examples of available features are customized check-in, event reminders, device location monitoring, geo zones and user-friendly dashboard screens. Telmate concentrates on products that can be helpful to inmates and to all of the people in their lives. The company concentrates on products that can be helpful to hard-working case managers as well. The number one aim at Telmate is to streamline communications practices for inmates everywhere. It’s to make the communications process a lot more efficient, practical and functional for them, too.


Keefe Group Participates In Conferences Through Exhibition and Sponsoring

Keefe Group is the leading supplier of food and personal care products, clothing, telecommunication, technology and software solutions to correctional facilities across the country. The Group has achieved this through its affiliates namely Keefe Commissary Network, Keefe Supply Company, Access Corrections, Access Securepak, IC Solutions, as well as Advanced Technologies Group. The company has been servicing the correctional market exclusively for close to 42 years. Keefe Group is famous for pioneering the evolution of products, packaging as well as technology services capable of meeting the various needs of correctional facilities all over the country.



Last year, Keefe Group was among the several companies that attended the National Correctional Industries Association conference in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania that ran between April 17th and 21st. The Group’s decision to participate must have paid off well considering the many people who stopped the Keefe booth during the exhibit hall hours. A good number of people got the opportunity to sample the company’s new Whole Shabang Extreme Ripple Potato Chips and Peanuts.



As one of the NCIA conference sponsors, Keefe Group was able to network with the several industry professionals who were in attendance. Through a reception they organized at Wyndham Grand Pittsburgh Hotel, Keefe Group grasped the opportunity to thank and appreciate its current customers for the excellent relationships they share, as well as business. As you would expect, Keefe Group did not waste the chance to engage prospective customers about possible mutually beneficial partnerships. The senior account manager of Keefe Midwest, Mike Pohle, participated in the Vendor Spotlight that offered vendors a platform to provide a brief description of the products and services they provide to the correctional facilities. With all this success at the conference, Keefe must have been excited to participate in the Tucson, Arizona conference in 2017.



The 2016 NCIA conference is not the only one that Keefe Group participated. The company also sponsored and involved itself in the National Sheriffs’’ Association Conference between June 25th and June 28th in 2016 – at Minneapolis, Minnesota. Thanks to the ample traffic to the firm’s exhibition stand, Keefe grabbed the attention of the attendees who showed great interest in watching the demos of the vending machine which was making a first-time appearance at the show. Keefe got yet another opportunity to let its customers and prospects know about its various products including the Whole Shabang product line. Again, there is no way the company was going to miss the 2017 NSA conference in Reno, Nevada.


IC Solutions: They Refuse To Change

You would think that after everything that has happened with IC Solutions, all of the negative press, the negative reviews and unhappy customers, they would look in the mirror and change. They would really examine what is going on within the company and they would have a change of heart. However, they have crossed the line one too many times and I don’t think they can come back from this. They have buried themselves a deep hole, one in which there is no way out of it. They are stuck in this hole they have made for themselves. I don’t think they mind it, however, as it is had been quite profitable for them.They are an inmate phone company, which allows inmates to speak to family, friends, loved ones, and even therapists. I believe the therapists can be especially helpful to someone in a tough mental state.

It can really bring things into focus for them and allow them to realize what is going on and how they have landed in prison. As they say, it puts things into perspective for them. IC Solutions, however, does not have any perspective, whatsoever. They have lost that. They are only focused on the money and that is it. They are even making mainstream news as noted. People are finally speaking up, and I encourage more people to do so in the near future. The more people that speak up, say something, and do something, it will force IC Solutions out of business and it will bring another company into the forefront. That is exactly what needs to be done in this type of situation in order for any real change to occur in the long run. There needs to be some type of punishment for IC Solutions. They simply can’t get away with it.