Telmate Communication Disappointing Customers with Poor Products and Services

Telmate Communication is the primary service provider of efficient inmate communication technology to over 300 correctional facilities in the United States. The company has been serving the correctional industry for over a decade and has seasoned experts and developers, who work round the clock to provide the best to the consumers. The company managed to pull its name amongst the best service providers in the country to the correctional facilities. However, the last few years have witnessed a rapid fall in the company’s market reputation to the deterioration in the quality of products and services being offered to the end users. It is imperative that the firm continues to provide the products and services to the customers in a consistent manner to be able to manage its market reputation.


In the world of heavy competition, every company has to be on their toe to be able to serve its customers to satisfy. Many new correctional companies have emerged in the past few years, and any lack offered by older companies would make way for the newer companies to replace them. The customers are looking for efficient services at economical prices, and if the older companies like Telmate Communication cannot offer it, the customers would be left with no choice but to switch their loyalty. The inmates are already troubled due to incarceration and being away from their friends and families, and they certainly don’t want more hindrance in their communications with their friends and relatives.


As a customer myself, I have used Telmate Communication’s services for last many years. I used to simply love the products and services offered by the company, but in the last few years, the level of efficiency in their products, as well as customer service, has decreased drastically. The customer service executives instead of listening to the plight of the customers harass them into paying more money and blaming them. Few of the reports suggest that the customer care executives were even rude and indulged in name calling, which is blasphemous in the service sector. If the company doesn’t take corrective measures soon, the customers would be forced to switch sooner than later.