IC Solutions

IC Solutions

IC Solutions is one of the most popular inmate calling companies in the country. IC Solutions has designed a company that offers services to help inmates and their loved ones stay in touch. Families have the option to create different types of accounts. The company also assists families in purchasing different phone services, using the voice message feature, and using the video feature for face to face chatting.The company is partnered with Access Corrections. This partnership gives families the chance to send attachments such as emails and photos through a specialized MP3 program. Funds can also be put into the commissary account of the location of your family member. The main mission of these companies is to make sure that you stay in contact with your family member. Listed below are some of the services offered:

  1. Financial Account (prepaid)
  2. Video Chatting
  3. Deposits to Commissary
  4. Option to send mail and photographs

Paying for IC Solutions

IC Solutions understands that every family is at a different place financially. There are a variety of different payment plans set up to ensure you and your family can still communicate at an affordable price.

Customer Support

IC Solutions has an excellent support team that is there to meet all of your needs. The team can be reached 24 hours a day. There is a customer service number, as well as an email address for your convenience.To find out more about IC Solutions, take a few moments to browse their website. There is also an FAQ page that may answer any questions you may have.