Wasting Money Every Week

Unfortunately, my father is in prison. We write letters sometimes, but phone calls keep us both going until his release date. Global Tel is the company that the prison uses to allow inmates to make phone calls. There are a few good things about Global Tel, but most of the experience that I’ve had with the company is bad. The customer service representatives are rude and don’t want to help you at all. Phone calls end abruptly halfway through the allotted time. I had to set up an account with the company to accept phone calls, and there was a significant fee that I had to pay just for adding money.


Each time I add money to the account, I must pay a small fee. Some people might not think a lot about this fee, but when you must pay it every week, the money tends to add up to a point that I could get gas for my car or food for my kids. I don’t mind paying the money, but Global Tel Link should come up with other ways of handling the company instead of making people pay so much money just to talk on the phone for a few minutes.