IC Solutions: They are Cold

In life, it is important that we follow the golden rule. As a matter of fact, I would argue it is the most important rule out there. We need to follow it, stick with it, and make sure we are being good to one another. When we are good to one another, good things happen for us. IC Solutions is not following the golden rule and good things are still happening for them. It bothers me. It feels like the bad guys are winning and in life, the bad guys should not win. They should be losing left and right. After all, rules were put in place for a reason. If we didn’t follow rules, the world would be total and utter chaos.

IC Solutions is a company that is making news all over the Internet. As a matter of fact, if you Google them, you will find a lot of unsavory material on them. It is scary stuff, as a matter of fact. They have ripped off parents, for one thing. Now, when a parent is trying to reach their child that is behind bars, they are in a desperate situation. If there is one thing that IC Solutions loves, it is a desperate situation.

They are like sharks in the water that smell blood (http://icsolutions.pissedconsumer.com/corruption-within-inmate-calling-and-prison-services-for-inmates-and-families-20150817684649.html). They go right after it and they do not hold a single thing back. You have to wonder what kind of people they are and how they are able to function in their day-to-day lives. Most people would feel terrible about this and some sort of regret. It seems like IC Solutions just keeps on trucking without paying attention to this sort of thing, at all. It’s really heartbreaking for the inmates and their families as they are just looking to keep their head above water during these difficult times they are experiencing.