The Service Provider Telmate

Telmate Company is a service company which offers services in the customer service, listing of telephone numbers and corporate listing. The company is situated in the United States of America. Telmate Company provides information about consumers and rates the customers that have used the company’s services.



The Telmate Company has offered information about companies that are successful in the market from state prisons. The company has been able to address the conflicts of interests affecting the institutions. Preparations have been conducted regarding the contracts that are being signed at the institution.



The company has shown how contracts are awarded to companies with the largest amount of revenue generated from calls. Initially, the contracts should be awarded to telephone companies offering the best service or charging their respective customers the lowest rates when they are using their network.



Telmate Company has produced the report in order to expose federal communications that are banning commissions. This is aimed to reduce the rates charged for individuals in correctional facilities. The report has encouraged the local authorities who offer contracts, regulators of the state and the federal commission to have a glimpse of the practices that are going on at the institutions.



The report suggests that the society is related to affordable telephone calls. The communication enables activities to be undertaken well in the society reducing malpractices. Government and private institutions are losing opportunities due to the malpractices going on at the institution. The involved institutions that have been harboring profits include the American Bar Association, legislatures of the state and regulatory agencies.



The report suggests that people in the correctional facilities have the right to speak to their family members but are limited with the high telephone cost charges. The report further exposes that calls coming from correctional facilities are paid by family members. The calls are set up by a private telephone company which pays collectively for the calls or after the calls have been done.



The report suggests that reforms have to be conducted at the institution to curb the malpractices that are being conducted. The high commission which is being paid by the private companies leads to an increase in the calling rate per minute which is a disadvantage to other users. The prices offered in correctional facilities have a greater impact on the population.