Recent Accomplishments of Keefe Group

A group of top companies that provides products to the correctional facilities, Keefe Group has its main headquarters based in Bridgeton, Missouri. The company was started in 1975 and has ever since been able to register a lot of success and growth. Part of this success comes from the exemplary management and leadership at the company as well as the expertise and experience of the company’s team of staff. Keefe Group was established after the founders saw an opportunity in the correctional facilities. The company understands that inmates have the need to have essential products during their stay at the correctional facilities. It is for this reason that Keefe Group has committed itself to offering the best high-quality products to all inmates in the facilities that they serve.

The reliability and efficiency of Keefe Group have enabled it to win many lucrative contracts with many correctional facilities. The main mission of the company is to make sure that all inmates live comfortably while serving their time at the correctional facilities. Keefe Group is known for its excellence in packaging as well as throat-cutting technology innovativeness when it comes to delivering high quality products to all their customers. When Keefe Group was initially launched, it dealt only with one product which was supplying coffee packets to a facility located in Florida. Over the years, the company expanded and started venturing in other products that are required by inmates in correctional facilities. Keefe Group is described as the first ever company to offer seafood which was packaged in paper pouches. This helped in minimizing the danger that came about by seafood that was packaged in metallic cans.

Currently, Keefe Group comprises of six companies which are The Keefe Supply Company, Keefe Commissary Network, Access Securepak, IC Solutions, Access Corrections and Advanced Technologies Group. All these companies are involved with the correctional market. Keefe Group also has 7 distribution centers which are located in different states as well as 10 regional service centers. Keefe Group has managed to come up with its own manufacturing facility which allows it to make private labels and also package in several brands. The commitment to quality together with customer satisfaction of Keefe Group has led it to achieve the success that it currently enjoys.