Telmate Is Throwing Phone Companies Off Course Through Cheaper Calls

The high rates for telephone calls being made from prisons are extremely bad for the inmates however it is also bad for those on the outside of the prisons, the perfect example is society as a whole. Through the use of phone calls made to loved ones, inmates that have a good line of communication with their families are proving to show a decrease in recidivism. The main purpose that officials work on with inmates is trying to teach them that the behavior have they have been participating in is considered destructive behavior.


In the past, for instance, during a 2012 endorsement, the Republication parties asked for a higher family-friendly policy which will help to also decrease the level of recidivism. This has a lasting effect on inmates as well as with society. The lasting effect is bad for society due to the lower levels of incarceration following an inmate being released from prison.


The hope is that through the use of government regulations, the hope is to limit the amount of money that people have to pay for the calls being made from the prison. The high rates of calls and the amount of money raised by the phone companies who are in charge of the contracts should be regulated so that families can keep in touch with one another.


For companies who are trying to help inmates and families, companies like Telmate, they are working to cut back on the amount of money that inmates have to pay for communication with their families. The cost of the calls being made by the prison should not mean that inmates families have to choose to purchase food for the family or pay to have access to the inmate. In this case, the inmate suffers as well as those who are on the outside.


Telmate will help you to remain in touch during the times when you are unable to visit your loved one behind bars. They will help you to be able to afford the calls as well as helping to ensure that the inmate is protected while on the phone by recording calls made and saving them on a cloud based platform.