KG to the Rescue!

Keefe food group has contracts in the county, state, and federal jail systems. There has been a string of reports about the treatment of these prisoners nationwide. In addition, the Keefe group has been documented for lawsuits against their state system. However, it is not easy to convince the good citizens that the prison system is super flawed and that they should care for they are people too.


With that said, the state systems have come up with a solution for this particular problem. Inmate services have become available for the prisoners so that they are not treated like animals but as normal humans beings trying to serve time.


The inmate services that are in contracts with the jail systems, otherwise known as, Keefe is responsible for the following services:


-Processing of inmate deposits

-Sales of prepaid debit cards and processing of inmate trust funds

-Music players

-Song downloads

-Commissary such as food, personal hygiene, tobacco, and etc.


Keefe Groups is the company for the correctional market. They are the nation’s leading supplier of food, personal care, electronics, clothing, technology, telecommunications, and software solutions. They have been established since 1975 with their products and packaging services.


In my honest opinion, it is a nice gesture to have a company look after the basic needs of a human being that is serving time in prison. If the time served in prison did not allow them to fully think of their misbehavior, then they should not even be let out. To give them the option of something to do that will ultimately benefit them is exactly like giving them another chance.


However, the Keefe group has wronged the business at one point. Though it was wrong, it was fixed and everything was going to be better for their business. Aside from that, they have added more luxury items to help them think more complex.


In conclusion, the correctional business has come a long way since the beginning of time. They have learned to treat them like people who need to be treated like a person, not like prisoners. The Keefe group has aided these jail systems with the products they offer for the people.





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