From Gloom to Clarity, The Keefe Group Persists

The Keefe Group is a determined business, devoted to the sweet relief of victory that only a few businesses of its kind experiences. Through perseverance, persistence and strategy, The Keefe Group has accomplished success at unbelievable measures, not only originating and providing a demand, but sustaining its deliverance for the long run.


The Keefe Group has been a force in the correctional market for over 40 years. It is only safe to suggest that they’ve experienced much pummeling rain and tunneling winds along their journey. But, like any other determined business, they will overcome and stand tall when the storm has cleared.


Since 1975, The Keefe Group has produced advantageable result in the midst of gloom. As a newbie, we can only guess what challenges are faced, but with the Keefe Group’s coffee product they were able to excel. A correctional facility favorite, the Keefe Group didn’t just soak in the fond, but they produced. Shortly after its coffee production, they would provide the correctional market with seafood. But, there was something very special about the packaging of the seafood. It was packaged in plastic. At this time, packaging seafood in plastic wasn’t common and once it worked on all levels it revolutionized the industry forever. Now, instead of providing inmates with glass and metal packaging, which was used for weapons at the time, plastic was used and now, less injuries and deaths are an issue.


The Frigid experiences brought on by glass and metal packaging of seafood suddenly became balmier and the road to a safer prison system was a lot less icy.


The Keefe Group would later become a gale in the correctional market, taking on all competitors, dispositioning their stability and overcoming their advantages. Now, the keefe group is a leader in the correctional market, contracted with over 800 public and private prisons and brings in over $1 billion in sells every year.


Blusterous and disadvantaged conditions aren’t a reason to quit; they are a reason to persist. The Keefe Group is a valuable machine built to overcome, but only able to do so through the challenges faced and the lessons learned in the process.