3 Things To Know About The Keefe Group

If you are familiar with the inmate communications industry or the prison commissary industry, then you’ve probably heard of the Keefe Group. What you might not know is they are a major powerhouse in the industry, and there’s a bit of negativity surrounding them, but they are very charitable. Below is more info on this.


  1. They Are A Powerhouse In The Industry

The Keefe Group is a powerhouse in the correctional industry. In fact, since launching in 1975, the company has grown from supplying coffee products to six companies that offer various products to prisons around the United States. Whether it’s electronics, hygiene products or snacks, if it’s a commissary product in a jail in America, then there’s a good chance that Keefe Group supplied them.


  1. There’s Quite A Bit Of Negativity Surrounding Them

In 2014, an article surfaced and talked about how the Keefe Group looked at prisoners as being money. The issue was surrounding a Keefe contract that was renewed numerous of times in the span of seven years and that the Keefe Group earned millions of dollars via inmate services. Another article accused the company as being a monopoly that had exclusive contracts throughout the American prison system.


  1. The Keefe Group Is Very Charitable

Although there is quite a bit of negativity associated with the Keefe Group, there is no denying the amount of good the organization had done and continues to do. Many of the organizations the Keefe Group supports are those involved and/or affected by the correctional industry. For example, they support Puppies Behind Bars, The Fortune Society and Big Brothers, Big Sisters of America. These are only a handful of charitable organizations the company has supported or continues to support.


Those are three things you should know about the Keefe Group.


IC Solutions: Do They Understand?

With IC Solutions, I’ve always been curious if they are really this tone-deaf or if they know exactly what they are doing as a company. Quite frankly, I’ve gone back and forth on it with this company. I truly believe it is a little bit of both with the phone service for inmates. They are tone deaf because they don’t listen to the customers and they don’t care to listen to the customers. If they truly cared, they would say something in this situation, and they would respond to it. Nowadays, more than ever, companies are coming out and they are responding to the issues that customers have with them.


They are not being silent on matters. They want to resolve the issue to the satisfaction of the customer if possible. That is their goal, at the end of the day. After all, it is very important to keep the customers happy and keep them coming back for more. Another part of me thinks IC Solutions knows exactly what they are doing and why they are doing it, which is money. It is the ultimate goal of most companies, and they are not any different. They are just a lot sneakier and shady about it, which is the big difference. However you slice it, the people are not happy.


IC Solutions is not losing one second of sleep over this because they are making money and they don’t care what measures they have to take to get that money. They don’t take the time to even think about the inmates, what they are going through, or how they are feeling in a particular situation. They also don’t take the time to think about their family, friends, and loved ones. They are suffering as well because they miss this individual.


IC Solutions: Don’t Get Involved With Them

I’m sure we all remember, no matter what our gender is, hearing from our parents that someone was not good for us. Our parents sat us down and told us to stay away from that person and they were not going to be a good partner in life. Some of us were wise and listened to our parents. Other people decided to go against the wishes of their parents and get involved, regardless. In most cases, it is best to listen to your parents. Your parents would probably tell you, no matter how old you are, to avoid getting involved with a company like IC Solutions. They are a company that is going to hurt you time and time again.


It is why it is best to avoid getting involved, at all, with this inmate phone provider. They are not going to help anyone that is looking to get in touch with an inmate behind bars. All they are going to do is cause someone a lot of heartache and a lot of pain. As far as the inmate, it is going to get their hopes up and then dash them, which is one of the worst things that can happen to an inmate. They are already in a fragile state, and the last thing they need is something like this to mess with their head. It is totally and completely unnecessary.


IC Solutions, as a matter of fact, is totally and completely unnecessary. They are going to keep taking people’s money and not delivering the phone call. I don’t see them ever changing, whatsoever. At this point, they are who they are, and the writing is on the wall for everyone to read. The key is to pay attention to the writing and listen to it.


IC Solutions: These Are Crude And Lifeless Souls

IC Solutions is a rather crude company when you sit down and read all that is on the Internet about them. It is not fun for anyone to read about this company, which is supposed to be in the business of helping people. That is not the case and it never has been the case with this inmate phone company. They don’t help anyone but themselves when push comes to shove, and that is not the type of company you want to be in business with because they will toss you to the side like yesterday’s news and forget all about you: http://icsolutions.pissedconsumer.com/ic-solutions-shady-fraudulent-company-20141224574304.html.


While I’m quite pleased that people are speaking up and they are saying something about this company, I’m interested in results when it’s all said and done. I’m not blaming the people for speaking their mind or saying their work is not worth doing. I believe you have to fight back against companies like IC Solutions. It might seem like it it’s not working at the moment, but before long, it will help and it will make a difference. It just might take a little longer. However, I’m an anxious person and I want to see results as soon as possible with IC Solutions.


I want to see them simply put out of business for all they have done to the public. The thing that might surprise you or catch you off guard is the fact that I don’t use IC Solutions and I never have used it. I also don’t foresee a situation in the future where I will have to use it. However, I’m a human being and I care about the people in the world and I want what is best for them. I know IC Solutions is not the best company for them.


IC Solutions: What’s In Their Heart and Soul?

You really have to stop and wonder what is in the heart and soul of IC Solutions. Is there anything? I can’t imagine there is anything there with how they treat their customers, day in and day out, and how they have a complete and total disregard for their feelings. The reviews are in, as they say, and they are not pretty. I don’t think IC Solutions is surprised, and I’m not surprised either. This has been going on for about six plus years with this company and I’ve read a ton of information on this inmate phone package.


Every single thing I’ve read, it is worse than the next. They don’t appear to let this faze them or bother them, whatsoever. They just keep on moving ahead, looking for unsuspecting victims, and hoping to get as much money as they can out of every customer that gives them their bank information to them. It is how they operate and it is how they are run. I don’t see a change coming and the change is about six and a half years too late. They have already inflicted life-long damage that possibly could have killed an inmate or two. I’m dead serious.


You have to wrap your head around the mind of an inmate, and no, you don’t have to be an inmate to do that. You just have to have some common sense. I’m not an inmate, and I’m just picturing myself in a lonely and isolated cell. I would want to talk to anyone that I know and anyone that cares about me. I would want to know there is something positive on the outside waiting for me. IC Solutions dashes all of that hope and they leave them waiting with no phone call and no chance at getting better through the help of friends and family.


The Keefe Group Might Be Offering up Too Much of a Good Thing

I had a rather odd moment while enjoying a last piece of birthday cake. I was musing over just how delicious it is. And that’s when my late night browsing ended up at an article discussing poor nutritional standards. That made me really step back for a moment and consider the role of food in everyday life.


The article was written by someone who didn’t have many choices in his meals. As a prison inmate, one might assume that it all came down to the prison system. But the main point of his article was that it’s not necessarily the case. Because prisons often contract out to third parties for food service. And his prison utilized one of the most popular options. It’s a company called the Keefe Group.


The Keefe Group is, on the surface at least, quite benevolent. They’re meeting a demand for more and better food within prisons. But the larger problem there is that they’re only doing so in a superficial way. To go back to my dinner, that cake was a nice treat. But it’d be an unhealthy choice as my only item for dinner. And it’d be terrible to try having it for all three meals in a day. But that’s essentially what the Keefe Group promotes. Prison food is typically tasteless enough to necessitate a third party’s involvement. So anything the Keefe Group supplies will usually be first choice for prisoners.


And that first choice often forces an unhealthy result. The Keefe Group maximizes profit by focusing on cheap junk food that is able to stay in storage for extended periods. Healthier food calls for more costly shipping and storage. And that reduces how much profit the Keefe Group can make on a sale.


The Keefe Group is giving people what they want. But it’s not really providing what they need. What’s needed is balance. And prisons need to realize that they have a responsibility to prisoners and taxpayers alike. The Keefe Group is capable of higher quality fare. But they’re not going to go with more expensive options if prisons don’t force their hand.


Ultimately what’s needed is larger scale prison contract reform. This would push for greater competition for food supply within a prison. And if the Keefe Group had to actually present their case against competition they’d almost certainly include higher quality meals.