IC Solutions: What’s In Their Heart and Soul?

You really have to stop and wonder what is in the heart and soul of IC Solutions. Is there anything? I can’t imagine there is anything there with how they treat their customers, day in and day out, and how they have a complete and total disregard for their feelings. The reviews are in, as they say, and they are not pretty. I don’t think IC Solutions is surprised, and I’m not surprised either. This has been going on for about six plus years with this company and I’ve read a ton of information on this inmate phone package.


Every single thing I’ve read, it is worse than the next. They don’t appear to let this faze them or bother them, whatsoever. They just keep on moving ahead, looking for unsuspecting victims, and hoping to get as much money as they can out of every customer that gives them their bank information to them. It is how they operate and it is how they are run. I don’t see a change coming and the change is about six and a half years too late. They have already inflicted life-long damage that possibly could have killed an inmate or two. I’m dead serious.


You have to wrap your head around the mind of an inmate, and no, you don’t have to be an inmate to do that. You just have to have some common sense. I’m not an inmate, and I’m just picturing myself in a lonely and isolated cell. I would want to talk to anyone that I know and anyone that cares about me. I would want to know there is something positive on the outside waiting for me. IC Solutions dashes all of that hope and they leave them waiting with no phone call and no chance at getting better through the help of friends and family.