IC Solutions: Don’t Get Involved With Them

I’m sure we all remember, no matter what our gender is, hearing from our parents that someone was not good for us. Our parents sat us down and told us to stay away from that person and they were not going to be a good partner in life. Some of us were wise and listened to our parents. Other people decided to go against the wishes of their parents and get involved, regardless. In most cases, it is best to listen to your parents. Your parents would probably tell you, no matter how old you are, to avoid getting involved with a company like IC Solutions. They are a company that is going to hurt you time and time again.


It is why it is best to avoid getting involved, at all, with this inmate phone provider. They are not going to help anyone that is looking to get in touch with an inmate behind bars. All they are going to do is cause someone a lot of heartache and a lot of pain. As far as the inmate, it is going to get their hopes up and then dash them, which is one of the worst things that can happen to an inmate. They are already in a fragile state, and the last thing they need is something like this to mess with their head. It is totally and completely unnecessary.


IC Solutions, as a matter of fact, is totally and completely unnecessary. They are going to keep taking people’s money and not delivering the phone call. I don’t see them ever changing, whatsoever. At this point, they are who they are, and the writing is on the wall for everyone to read. The key is to pay attention to the writing and listen to it.