3 Things To Know About The Keefe Group

If you are familiar with the inmate communications industry or the prison commissary industry, then you’ve probably heard of the Keefe Group. What you might not know is they are a major powerhouse in the industry, and there’s a bit of negativity surrounding them, but they are very charitable. Below is more info on this.


  1. They Are A Powerhouse In The Industry

The Keefe Group is a powerhouse in the correctional industry. In fact, since launching in 1975, the company has grown from supplying coffee products to six companies that offer various products to prisons around the United States. Whether it’s electronics, hygiene products or snacks, if it’s a commissary product in a jail in America, then there’s a good chance that Keefe Group supplied them.


  1. There’s Quite A Bit Of Negativity Surrounding Them

In 2014, an article surfaced and talked about how the Keefe Group looked at prisoners as being money. The issue was surrounding a Keefe contract that was renewed numerous of times in the span of seven years and that the Keefe Group earned millions of dollars via inmate services. Another article accused the company as being a monopoly that had exclusive contracts throughout the American prison system.


  1. The Keefe Group Is Very Charitable

Although there is quite a bit of negativity associated with the Keefe Group, there is no denying the amount of good the organization had done and continues to do. Many of the organizations the Keefe Group supports are those involved and/or affected by the correctional industry. For example, they support Puppies Behind Bars, The Fortune Society and Big Brothers, Big Sisters of America. These are only a handful of charitable organizations the company has supported or continues to support.


Those are three things you should know about the Keefe Group.